We create custom software for a wide range of business sectors and company sizes in the UK. We use Excel to build the software, which not only makes it affordable, but also highly customisable and very easy to use. Please scroll down to see what we can offer you, and how you can benefit from our custom and standard solutions.

Custom Solutions

Custom Software

Why we use Excel to create custom business software.

Simple Spreadsheets

Get your own custom made spreadsheets. This is what we do.

Spreadsheets Upgrades

Send us your spreadsheets and let us renew or upgrade them.

Analysing Data

Custom spreadsheets to analyse your CSV downloads or data.

Standard Solutions

We often get asked for very similar products, from various clients, so we have made some ‘standard’ options. There is no need to think about what you may require. Simply find the product that will help you, and buy it. You can watch demo videos, download PDF brochures, or even get a free trial version for each product, in order to see if it will meet your needs. If it does, simply purchase the product as it is.

Featured Testimonial


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We were looking for a bespoke quoting system for managing our prospects and Richard suggested that excel might be a good solution as it is flexible and great value for money. Richard spent a lot of time understanding what we wanted to achieve and went on to build a bespoke excel document that does everything we need and more and will save us so much time! Very happy customer, highly recommend Richard for all your excel needs!

Joanne Bell

Director, Bells Accounting


Types of Solutions

Some examples of solutions that we have provided.


Join our just and noble cause to save the spreadsheet.

30 Problems Solved

30 Business problems which we have solved using Excel.

Business Advice

If you either require, or you are, a business consultant.

Case Studies

See some of the projects we have already done.

Admin Services

Need us to put your spreadsheets to good use?

Why Use Us

See why you should use us, and what you can expect.

Custom Training

If you need specialised one to one Excel training.

About Us

Richard Sumner – Owner & Director

Richard Sumner

Richard Sumner

Owner and Director of Spreadsheet Solutions

Richard is the owner and managing director of Spreadsheet Solutions. He is a dad to Liam (born April 2017) and a husband to Wendy. He has had many project management and sales based jobs in the past, and has used Excel in all of them, to develop custom made software. Richard realised that custom made software is unavailable to most businesses, so he used Excel to create his own custom software, to help him better manage his business processes. He then decided to use this developed skill to help other business owners. He started Spreadsheet Solutions so that you can have access to custom business software that is affordable and easy to use.

Contact Us

We are based in Beckenham, Kent, which is in South East Greater London (UK) zone 4. We service people mainly within Greater London zones 1 to 6, but with the use of Skype in order to establish what is required, we can help people all over the world if required. We have helped many people without actually meeting them in person, thanks to Skype, emails and phone calls. So if you require our services, please contact us.


Free Downloads

Download some free spreadsheets.

Current Promotions

If we have any current offers, you’ll find them here.

DIY Videos

Learn how to do your own spreadsheets.

Video Adverts

A playlist of our video adverts to inspire you.

Social Media Analysis

Analyse your social media accounts.

We have a range of free spreadsheets for you to download, which you can use to analyse data downloaded from your social media accounts. These accounts include LinkedIn (company page), Facebook (business page), Twitter, YouTube and Google Analytics. Get your hands on these 5 spreadsheets for free, and then sign up to receive our monthly email newsletter to receive the 6th spreadsheet, which will take data from each of the other 5 and compare your social media platforms based on your personal preferences!

We found these spreadsheets helpful to not only analyse our social media success, but also to help us plan new strategies, and to help us focus on what is important to us.

What can we do for you?

Now that you have seen what we offer, you no doubt have some ideas of how we can help you and your business. For a no-obligation chat, please contact us in order to confirm what custom solution would best suit you.