If you see the value in networking, and would like to meet some other business owners, we have 3 suggestions for you below. One is an informal networking event which we organise, to meet local business owners. One is a free tool, where you can capture the details of the people you meet, so that you have a referral handy when asked. The last one is a more serious referral exchange group, of which we are proud to be members.


If you would like to meet other business owners over a coffee, at a local coffee shop, then you will be interested in this. We usually meet in Bromley, but people from surrounding areas are most welcome. No 10 minute talk, no pressure, no ulterior motive, just some relaxed networking. Sound like something you would like to attend? We usually hold this once a month, so if you are interested, click below to find out more details, and connect with the group on social media.


So you have been networking, and you have met some people who you would like to recommend when next asked to refer someone. What do you do with their details? Are you like I used to be, looking through LinkedIn and old emails, or even flicking through piles of business cards to try and remember the person that you want to refer? We have created a tool to help you get organised. This database allows you to capture key details of each person that you meet, as well as assign them to up to 2 categories. Next time someone asks you to refer someone, simply select the category, and select the person you wish to refer. You can then save their details on a PDF sheet, which you can send to the person requiring the referral. If you like to meet people and make referrals, then download this free tool, and take a look at the demo video for details.

If you use Outlook, we have a spreadsheet which you can use to paste your exported contact list, and it will convert your contacts to the right format for the Networking Referral Database. If required, you can download this tool here.


CRX is a referral exchange networking group, that meets once a week in Croydon. We are proud members of this group, and would recommend that you take a look at their website for more information. We also have a video, showing more about the group. Please contact us should you wish to:

  1. Attend a meeting to see what it is like (as long as your business doesn’t clash with an existing member).
  2. Be put into contact with any of the members. We trust the other members, so we are happy to refer them.


If you would like to know a little bit about what we do, before meeting Richard, this video will give you a good idea of what we can offer you and your business. Don’t be shy to contact us should you have any questions, as most of our solutions are custom made for our clients.



If you go networking, and collect business cards, but then forget who you have met when asked to make a referral. You need to get your hands on this tool.