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Welcome to the Spreadsheet Solutions store – Spreadsheets off the rack. Please take a look at the standard solutions below, you can see each category by using the buttons, or just scroll down to view each one at a time, Click on any ‘Explore’ link to reveal more details about each product. By doing this, you will have options to download a free trial version, download a PDF brochure, or order the product (instructions on how to order are also available). There is also a full demo video, to show you how each product works in detail. If you find something here that is close to what you want, but not quite right, please get hold of us. We love to create custom projects.

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New Products & Upgrades

If you have any suggestions for products which you would like to see in this store, either for you or for your clients, please contact us. We are always looking for ideas for products to add to this store. If you would like to have a specific product here, which could add value to what you offer your clients, please let us know. Small business partnerships are key, and we would love to team up with you to help you better assist your customers. We would also like to hear any ideas about potential upgrades to any of the existing products, so please let us know if you have any suggestions. As stated before, if you like one of these spreadsheets, but they don’t quite do what you require, please contact us. We can either customise an existing product, or make you a new one from scratch.

Terms & Conditions

Once the Client has paid Sumcor Ltd trading as Spreadsheet Solutions (from now on referred to as Spreadsheet Solutions), you, the Client accept the worksheets as a complete satisfaction and realisation of the entire Scope of Work, instructions and parameters presented to Spreadsheet Solutions. Client additionally assumes all responsibility and liability for testing the functionality, validity, and accuracy of the program and holds Spreadsheet Solutions harmless for any liability or damages arising from the use of Spreadsheet Solutions’ worksheets developed by Spreadsheet Solutions. Included at no additional charge with the purchase of the file, Spreadsheet Solutions will debug and correct any functionality issues arising from Client’s due diligence review and testing of the worksheets within the framework of the original Scope of Work for 30 days from the date of payment. Spreadsheet Solutions specifically offers no warranty or guarantee to the functionality, validity, or accuracy of the worksheets. At no stage will Spreadsheet Solutions refund any money. You are not permitted to send any documents created by Spreadsheet Solutions to any other company or individual without our permission. Redistribution of software created by Spreadsheet Solutions is prohibited.

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