10 Things You Did Not Know Excel Can Do

Here are ten things that you may not know Excel can do. Take a look and see what you can learn.

1. Image distribution – You can have a single picture in one location, and have various cells programmed to show that picture. So if you change the original picture, all the others will change to match!

2. Picture lookup – This is tricky, but you can set it up in such a way so that, selecting a pre-installed item, you can have the respective picture or image displayed!

3. Maps – Although Excel 2013 can be modified for maps, it does not recognise UK postcodes. With the cunning use of latitude and longitude, point graphs, and postcodes, we have managed to make it possible to plot locations on a fixed map!

4. Text selection – If you have a letter template in Excel and wish to select respective paragraphs based on previous selections, this can be done. I.e. if you select ‘yes’ on page 1, page 2 states ‘includes…’ and if you select ‘no’ it states ‘excludes…’!

5. Conditional formatting – Yes, you know that Excel can colour cells based on their value, but did you know that you can base it on a formula, and use various formulas for each cell to give you various options?!

6. Select live data – If you need updated currency values for example, no need to update them every day, just link to a website that you trust and your values will automatically update with theirs!

7. Limit cell entry – Without locking a cell, you can determine parameters (within reason) of what is allowed to be entered in that cell. Failure to comply will result in a warning message, which you can also configure!

8. Zero elimination – When you have formulas, and the initial cells have not been filled in yet, all of the subsequent cells have a zero marking the spot. Yes, you can get rid of those, showing a blank cell until you fill in the related cells!

9. Expiring worksheet – You can set up a worksheet to ‘expire’ on a certain date. This means that various essential functions will cease to work on a pre specified date!

10. Date extraction – One of my favourites! If you have a list of projects and respective start and finish dates, you are able to select a date, and extract any project that will be under way on that date! This makes calendar entries of projects a possibility!

Just in case you’ve been reading this saying, “yes that is easy”, bear in mind all of these can be accomplished without the use of macros!

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