Custom CRM Solution – Spreadsheet Style

CRM Systems, love them or hate them, are extremely useful. Most businesses either do benefit from them, or would if they had them. Why is that? You see productivity relies on process – it is about being organised, having a procedure, and managing the whole process successfully. This is why there are so many CRM systems out there, there is a huge demand from businesses of all sizes. The problem is, which one do you get? There are so many options out there, all claiming to be the best, and all offering slightly different solutions. Where do you turn?

This is where spreadsheets could be the key. I have said before that may people underestimate what Excel can do, because they base it on what they can do with Excel, and not what is actually possible. I have had a few people approach me of late, for custom made CRM systems, and they all seem to be after the same thing. They want an easy to use solution, which helps them monitor their own custom processes. They don’t want to change their processes to suit the software, they don’t need ‘all singing and dancing’ software, they just want it to do what they need. This is the issue that they have with CRM software. They all try and do everything, and even so, they invariably don’t do at least one thing that we require. I like to keep it simple, yet productive.

A simple ‘checklist’ seems to be the most popular request from clients at the moment. A checklist of tasks on a spreadsheet, which automates dates for each task (based on your requirements). Clients are then able to track each task, supplying the spreadsheet with an actual completion date. This means that the ‘traffic light’ system warns them of current or overdue tasks. It even tracks which tasks were completed on time, and which weren’t, which is vital to know when planning future projects or eliminating careless errors. The solutions that I have created have also allowed the users to eliminate certain tasks if required, which then changes the dates accordingly. The idea is to use one of these spreadsheets for each job, so that you can carefully track each job process, as well as seeing the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). You could even have certain KPIs sent to a master dashboard, where you could see a summary of all of your current processes in one place.

I have to be honest, I was not expecting such a simple solution to solve people’s process issues, but I have been convinced by client responses. This system has been requested by a few clients now, and their feedback has been very encouraging. This was said by one client,

“Richard challenged my thinking with my best interests at heart and quickly produced a first class project management solution for me. Not only have I now got a bespoke CRM solution, but I’ve also saved myself money by not buying one off the shelf and having to customise it.”

Who would have thought that a one-sheet spreadsheet could be so useful? I did, that is why I offer it! CRM systems don’t need to be overwhelming, software developers make them with all the bells and whistles so that each client can customise them as required. You see they need to sell programmed software to many people, in order to make it financially viable. I can make a custom solution, specifically for you, for a few hundred pounds. All that with no monthly payments. Yes, programmed solutions will ‘do more’, but what is the point of that if you’re not using it?

So think about it, what changes are you planning with your business? What New Year resolutions do you have in mind? Is getting your processes organised one of them? If so, maybe this could be a solution for you. Think about how you want your processes to run, and then contact me for a solution. Take a look at our website for some inspiration. Excel has been around for many years, and there is a reason for that, it is very useful. The problem is that people don’t use it fully. Give me the opportunity to use it for your success.

All the best with your business, let’s make it a good one!

Richard Sumner

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