Excel at Marketing (Part 1)

Excel is known to be versatile, and those of us that have the skills to use it beyond making a few columns, can use it for just about anything. I was having coffee and a discussion with a marketing expert the other day, and I have been thinking about how Excel can help companies with their marketing. I will also ask the expert for their opinion, and see what they have to say.

I am not a marketing professional, but I do have my own business and I understand the importance of marketing. When I started the business, my idea of marketing was sending out a few emails, regularly updating my company’s facebook page and tweeting. This was just not good enough. Marketing may sound easy, but it is a tricky business which requires specific information. If you want to run a successful marketing campaign, you need to gather all of the data, and you need to analyse it properly in order to formulate the best plan. Randomly trying ideas is demoralising and a waste of time. When you start using words like ‘data’, ‘analyse’ and ‘formulate’, it screams out Excel. That is what Excel was built to do. It is a bit embarrassing that I didn’t see this opportunity when I started my business, but I didn’t understand marketing then, I have a much better understanding now. Excel is my business, so as soon as I realised what was required in the marketing game, I knew that Excel would help me to get it right.

Since I have discovered this, I have created two tools to help me. I have created a ‘Marketing Data Analysis’ which is advertised on a PDF brochure on the website, and I have created a ‘LinkedIn Marketing Tool’ which you can download for free. Both of these tools are very simple, I have not stretched Excel by any means, yet they have both helped me considerably. They have both taken the raw data of what I have done, and laid it out in such a way as to make it understandable. Once I knew what the results were, it meant that I could concentrate on what worked. It meant that I knew what to do to increase my success rate. Now as I said, I am not a marketing specialist, thankfully Matt Stainer is. Matthew is the Chief Executive of BuzzSmart – a digital marketing solutions business based in Bromley, London. You can find his thoughts in part 2 of this post.

There you have it, Excel and marketing, a match made in heaven. Excel is designed to enable you to create customised business tools to help you get the most useful information from your data. It allows you to save time, effort and money while running your business. Your marketing campaign needs to be organised, structured, and have a clear goal, which can only be established with precise data.

I hope that this article has opened you to some fresh new ideas, if you require any assistance in these areas, please visit Spreadsheet Solutions or BuzzSmart.

Richard Sumner

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