How We Save Companies Money

So many people understand that Excel is a powerful tool, and they realise that it can help their business, but they don’t realise how it helps. They don’t realise how it can save them money. I will try and explain here why it is a good idea to use Excel and how it can save you money. Even after commissioning Spreadsheet Solutions to create a custom spreadsheet for you, you can still save more money than you spend on the system.

One of the most common ways we save clients money, is by reducing their staff bill. I have been to see many clients who have their staff spend way too much time doing administration work. They spend precious time fiddling around with word documents, copying and pasting and changing old documents to suit the new clients and jobs. All of this takes time, and Excel can streamline this process. By entering the necessary information for that client or job, we can get Excel to then populate all the respective documents with the relevant data. No more messing around. I have had cases in the past where this has cut the staff work time in half! This will prove to save vast amounts of money when your current staff can handle more jobs in less time. No need to hire more staff unnecessarily.

We also help to eliminate careless errors. When copying and pasting old documents to make up new ones, or even when you start a document from scratch, there is always a chance of errors. In my opinion, it happens way too often. In Excel, because all of the templates are pre-created and they are merely populated with the inserted information, there is little chance of errors. Once the template is checked and it works, it won’t change. It will merely use the information submitted and create your finished product. This goes for all documents, invoices, quotes, letters, schedules, programs, the choice is yours.

Time and errors with finance. I have known directors themselves to spend ages looking through paperwork, with a calculator in hand, just to work out what sort of profit they have made on a certain project. This is no longer necessary. If you have all of the figures filled in and you are using Excel, you are actually half way there already. Excel can be pre-programmed to use that information to extract just about any data you need. One of my favourite exercises in Excel is to set up templates to number crunch. With all of the data to hand, formulating graphs, charts, tables and even statements to illustrate the data in an easy to understand format, is merely a maths exercise. I love to do that. This means that once this template is created, every new job that you do, will automatically have an attached sheet with all of this valuable information. No more late nights with a calculator and a headache. If this doesn’t save you time and money, what will?

Missed deadlines and upset clients. Project management is a costly process for just about any business. What needs to be done when, what has been done and what still needs to be done. All issues that can get out of hand so easily. With a custom made Excel project management system, it can be as simple as populating some cells. Breaking up the project and giving each stage a due date, Excel can help to track those dates for you. Then when you complete the task, Excel could even give you a report showing which tasks were done on time and which were behind schedule. Useful for staff to keep on top of what they are doing, and useful for the boss to check and see what the staff have achieved. Once again, seeing as this is custom made, the choices are endless.

Now these are a few ways that Excel and Spreadsheet Solutions can help you, and save you money. You know more about your company than we do, and you have more experience in your industry than we do, but we probably know more about Excel than you do. Your experience of your company and our Excel knowledge is a potent combination, that is why we talk any potential projects through with our clients, and then create something specific for their needs. Identifying the areas where money can be saved, or made, and then coming up with a winning strategy.

If anything here has made you think of how we can help you, please have a look at our website for more information and then contact us.

We love to help companies succeed.

Richard Sumner

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