Message From the Director

If you think spreadsheets are just for basic calculations, or to store data, think again!  There are countless ways that the right tailor-made spreadsheet can enhance your business and save you time, money and effort.

This is in fact why I started this company to create custom made business software for small, medium and large businesses with the cunning use of Microsoft Excel, which is not just for accounts – it is extremely versatile when in the right hands. I use my company management, project management and sales experience, combined with my knowledge of Excel, to create custom made software at a fraction of the price of bespoke programmed software. I like nothing more than enabling a company to decrease its workload, while increasing its productivity. If you have any administrative tasks, or you need to keep track of your projects and manage their progression, then we can create a spreadsheet or series of linked spreadsheets to help you achieve this with less effort on your part. Once the spreadsheet is done and tested, it will do what it is created to do and it will not make careless errors, thus eliminating some common human mistakes.

Take a look at some examples on our website, but keep in mind that we do any bespoke spreadsheets – if you need it and we can do it, we will. There are some PDF brochure examples of some ‘standard’ spreadsheets that we sell as well as some free spreadsheets that you can download with our compliments!

We are based in Beckenham which is in the London Borough of Bromley, but we are happy to service anyone within the M25. We are also more than prepared to help anyone throughout the UK and the rest of the world, provided we can meet on Skype. We often arrange smaller projects on Skype, but larger projects may warrant a visit. If you would like to meet me over coffee, and see how we can help your business, I would love to meet up with you. Please feel free to contact me to see how we can help you.

Richard Sumner
Managing Director
Spreadsheet Solutions

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