How Spreadsheets Help the Market Leaders

You may be reading this with a sense of scepticism, and I don’t blame you. A few years ago I would have been the same, except now I have had the pleasure of working with some market leaders in their field, and I have seen first-hand how my spreadsheets have helped them. I looked at four of my top clients, and they all had something in common. They all needed valuable information and reports, in the shortest time possible, to make the correct decisions. This is what I provided for them, with the use of my spreadsheets. Let’s have a look at the four situations in no particular order.

Client 1. Make Me Local – Web designer and SEO specialist. These guys are on the top of their game, and not only provide cracking website, but make them SEO friendly to make sure you get the right visitors. There is so much data out there, how do they make sure to use the right key words? How do they know what is going to be a winning SEO combination? How do they manage their project to make sure they’re done within the promised time frame? All by putting my spreadsheets to good use. Not only that, but they also use spreadsheets to keep track of staff holidays, and to set financial targets. Knowing the correct information so that you can make the right decisions is key. The quicker you can do this, the better.

Client 2. Go2Games – Online games retailer. These guys are at the top of their game, and they are in a cut-throat industry. Items become available in the morning, and they are sold out by the afternoon. Speed is key, but you need to have the correct information to make the right decisions. So how does my client stay on top? How do they know straight away which of the stock items are going to be the best to purchase? How do they know what to buy, and how much to buy it for? Simple, they have spreadsheets to calculate this. This client has bought about twenty spreadsheets from me, all to track and monitor different information. All to get to the top and stay there.

Client 3. International builders. These guys are well known in the UK and have completed some amazing projects. They have software to monitor all sorts of data, but they use spreadsheets to bring it all together. Each department submits certain information from various sources into a dashboard spreadsheet. This spreadsheet then shows them an up to date report. Not pages of information, but just what they need to make the right decisions, quickly. Speed, accuracy, and versatility is the order of the day, and this is what I deliver with my custom spreadsheets.

Client 4. Elad Amir – Commercial cleaning consultant. This was a client of mine who sent me the most encouraging letter. In this letter he states the following. Needless to say, that Richard’s end product has paid for itself within two months and enabled our business to open a significant gap from our competitors, and perhaps even pioneer the entire industry in this particular field. I would estimate that thanks to Richard and his expertise we are now in a position to win tens of thousands of pounds worth of contracts by the end of this year alone that we wouldn’t have done otherwise. He needed to provide his clients with a tool which they used to visit a site, capture some details, and produce a comprehensive quote. This was one of the most complicated spreadsheets I have ever done, but well worth it. By adding required data into the price list, it would produce a detailed quote for them, which they sent to their client. The client could even make some adjustments to see how it would affect the price. All without giving their formulas away.

So how can this help you? What do you need to monitor? What information do you need to know, to make the smartest decisions? Have you thought about using a custom-made spreadsheet? If not, I seriously suggest that you get in touch to see what I can do for you.

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