Spreadsheet Not Refreshing?

I have received a few calls of late from my clients, who say that their spreadsheets are not refreshing. They type data in, and it does not change the relevant cells which it should. They then save the workbook, and the changes take affect.

Is this happening to you? It is easily fixable, as it is just a setting which seems to change by itself. I’m not sure why it occasionally switches itself off, but hopefully Microsoft will fix it soon.

Anyhow, if it does, simply click File (at the top left of the screen), then Options (at the bottom left). Then click Formulas (down the left) and make sure that you have selected Automatic under Workbook Calculation.

If that was the problem, then congratulations, you have just fixed it.

If that wasn’t the problem, then feel free to get in touch if you’d like my help.

I’ll leave you with this screenshot of the settings screen.