My 5 Most Popular Spreadsheets This Year

I have had a look at the downloads from the website over the last 7 months, in order to see which of the spreadsheets are the most popular, and here are the various winners in each category. Hopefully it will show you how versatile spreadsheets can be, as many people think that they are just used for bookkeeping purposes. That couldn’t be further from the truth, I use them for all sorts of applications.

1. Most Downloaded Free Download

The number one slot here was fiercely contested, with the Task Organiser winning by 1 download (with 149). The Network Referral Database snuck in second with 148, and the LinkedIn Company Page Analysis spreadsheet in third with 146 downloads. It appears that organising tasks, keeping on top of their contacts, and knowing what is going on with their LinkedIn business pages are at the top of people’s priorities.

2. The Biggest Seller

Out of all the store products, the one purchased most often is the Client Follow-Up Schedule, followed closely by the Staff Absentee Schedule. I have done quite a few HR-based spreadsheets, and they all seem quite popular – well over half the sales were for HR-related spreadsheets. Obviously, keeping track of when you need to follow up with clients who need to renew their policies/products, is also of high importance.

3. The Most Downloaded Product Brochure

The Product Costing & Materials brochure was the most popular by a long way. This spreadsheet helps you to assign items to your product (ideal for hampers or products made up of individual items), and then works out prices and monitors cost changes. This is one of my favourite spreadsheets, and I am not surprised that it is generating views.

4. The Most Watched Demo Video

This one came as a bit of a shock to me. I once created a Tithes & Offerings Capture spreadsheet, for churches. I put it in the store, and I have not had a single sale, yet the video views have gone through the roof. This video has been watched 3 times more than the second most watched. Why? I have no idea. 90% of the views have come from the United States, so who knows what they’re doing over there. Maybe people are trying to copy it? Who knows.

5. The Most Downloaded Free Trial

All of the store products can be downloaded as a free trial. This is usually a limited spreadsheet, so that you can see how it works before you buy it. The most popular free trial download was the Project Programme Manager free trial. This is a spreadsheet to help you monitor projects when you have various people involved, doing various tasks that all depend on each other. This is one of my favourites, probably because of the Gantt chart. Anyhow, this was closely followed by the Client Follow-Up Schedule.

There was another download that was one of the most popular but, because it doesn’t really fit into any category, it wasn’t mentioned. However, it was the most downloaded file overall. That was the Opportunity Calculator. What does this do? It asks some questions, and then shows you which of our services you could benefit from, based on your answers. The other item was one which was only released recently, but has more average downloads per month than any other. This one will probably be the most downloaded document in the next six months and it is a PDF. This is the Standard Products Brochure which shows the spreadsheets available in our store.

So, there you have it, my most popular spreadsheets. Where they what you were expecting? Some of them came as a shock to me.

If you need any custom-made spreadsheets for your business, whether mentioned here or not, please get in touch. I’d love to chat about what you need.

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