Spreadsheets and the HR Industry

You may be wondering why I am writing about HR, and the answer is simple. Many of my clients happen to be HR consultants or HR managers. After a few years of trading, I had a look at my past clients, to see if there were any trends as far as industries or business types were concerned. There were very few trends, if any, but the one small trend I did spot was in human resources. Since then, I have noticed that a few people have come for HR related products. My 3 biggest selling store products are all HR related and, when I recorded my testimonial video (consisting of 4 clients), 2 were HR consultants, and 1 was a business owner who had purchased HR related products.

Why does the HR industry seem to need spreadsheets?

This is a difficult question to answer, as there may be many different reasons, but personally I think that there are limited software solutions for the HR industry. If we compare HR to the accounts department, for example, there are many software options for your accounts; if one doesn’t work then just try another. People often assume that I make spreadsheets for accounts, but I don’t for that very reason. The HR department, by contrast, does not have many options at all. Another reason is I think it’s only now that people are realising the importance of proper staff management. We are only now fully realising the parallel between staff management, staff performance, and business performance. Spreadsheets are brilliant for collecting, analysing, and reporting on data, and this is what the HR industry seems to be lacking.

How can spreadsheets help the HR industry?

Data collection and analysis. We have made a few standard products, and we are constantly making bespoke solutions, which analyse HR data. From staff absenteeism to annual holidays, and 360 appraisals to succession planners, there are so many aspects of HR and they all need to be monitored. Not only do we get asked for spreadsheets, but there are also many mundane admin tasks when it comes to HR. For example, you could purchase the 360 Staff Appraisal from us, which helps you to collect feedback and report on staff members. There is still a collection process though; you still need to send out emails, collect answers, and then collaborate them. This takes time and is not necessarily required to be done by an HR professional. That is another service we offer; we offer a virtual assistance service, so not only do we provide the spreadsheets, but we do the administration process too. This means that you let us know what you need, and we send it to you once it is done.

What does this mean for you?

If you are an HR consultant or manager, then these tools and services will help you. We are not an HR business; we do not help you with legal issues or advice, we merely tackle the administration side of things, with your advice. We are here to help take some of the mundane tasks away from you, so that you can focus on the important aspects. You need to be doing the work that you are qualified to do, and we take care of the aspects that need to be done, but don’t need your expertise.

If you would like to see some more examples of what we provide, you can visit our HR related page.

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