How Spreadsheets Help Franchises

This article is about how spreadsheets can be used to help franchises, but the same principal can also be used for other circumstances. If you need various people (staff, sub-contractors, clients, associates, etc) to be using the same software, then this article will be a good read for you.

I hope that you know why a spreadsheet can help your business (if not, look at some of our other blog posts), but why specifically for franchises? Consistency. That is the name of the game with franchises. You need all the franchisees to be on the same page and offering the same service. In order to achieve this, you need them all to be using the same software.

I often get approached by franchisees, in order to get spreadsheets made to help them be more organised and get on top of what they need to do, however (to date) never been approached by the franchise owner. I’m not sure why this is. The franchisees are coming to me because they do not have the right tools. Many of them have already asked the franchise owner, but they have been told that there are no tools available. This leads them to me.

The problem with this is that the franchisee is now using a different system to all the others (one that works efficiently) but there is now no longer consistency. Not only that, but the other franchisees are now at a disadvantage. The franchise owner now potentially has many franchisees, all doing something different. Imagine if McDonald’s sold franchises without supplying them with the right tools. Why do other franchises think that this is a good idea?

I think it comes down to cost. If they buy software, and pay for loads of licenses, that could cost a fortune. They probably don’t want the monthly costs. So how can they overcome this? Spreadsheets. You can get your hands on a custom-made spreadsheet, branded for your business, for all the franchisees.

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