How Healthy is Your Business?

Depending on who poses this question, you could expect to get very different advice when you try and answer it about your business. You see this is such a broad question, and many different professionals will focus on different areas of your business. This means that they will each have entirely different focusses. Accountants focus on your money, marketing consultants focus on your leads and marketing, business consultants may look at your processes and procedures, and supply chain consultants will look at your ordering and manufacturing. Which aspect is more important?

The truth is that all aspects are as important as the others, and they all need to be looked at, so answering the question of how healthy your business is, may not be as easy to do as people may think. The good news is that knowing what is happening in all these areas of business, may not be as hard as you imagine, especially for smaller businesses. We have made spreadsheets to analyse all these areas of business, and produce comprehensive reports, which then help the business director to make the right decision.

Although most of our spreadsheets are bespoke, we do somewhat follow one idea. That is to create a spreadsheet which will produce a report, based on the data that you enter. If you need a solution where you enter data as you go along (CRM, project management, process tracker, staff management, etc) then we make the data entry process as simple as possible. Some already have the data exported from a software package of sorts. That is no issue, we make the spreadsheet with the same layout as your data export, so a simple copy and paste of the data will spring your report to life.

You choose what data you’d like to enter, and how to do so.

You decide what you want your data to tell you. We may offer suggestions, but what you want to get out of your spreadsheet, is of utmost importance to us.

How does this apply to your business? What aspects of your business do you deem as important to be aware of? Do you have the reports that you need to make the right decisions? If not, then please get in touch and see what solution we can provide. If you need more inspiration, please watch this video, then use the link to contact us. Richard (the owner of Spreadsheet Solutions) is on the other end of the phone and keen to hear from you.

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