Spreadsheets – 1 Facet of a Growing Business

Here’s a chapter from my book entitled 40 Facets to Starting & Growing a Business. This one is probably the only one that I could write with authority, as it is about spreadsheets. Here’s what I had to say.




If you read just about any of the other chapters in my book you’ll realise that this chapter was inevitable, and probably the only one that I can write with any kind of authority. I use spreadsheets for just about anything, and have done so for many years. Long before I started Spreadsheet Solutions I was using spreadsheets for business. Why? Because Excel was readily available, and I found it easy to make what I wanted. A professionally made purpose-built spreadsheet will almost always be cheaper than custom software, because it is quicker to produce. This means that even if you get a spreadsheet made by someone like me, you’ll still save money.

Spreadsheets are tremendously useful and can be used for all aspects of your business. In fact, many of the chapters of this book mention spreadsheets, and many of these chapters made their way into this book because I use spreadsheets for them. Reminders, warnings, financial records, data analysis, reporting, dashboards, process tracking, project management, HR, sales, marketing, etc. The list goes on and I’ve made spreadsheets to help with them all.

If you don’t use spreadsheets for your business, I would suggest that you explore the option at least. If you can make them yourself, then go for it. If you’re not sure, or you’d rather get them done properly, please get hold of me. I won’t say too much about spreadsheets here, but I will say this: make sure they’re made properly, and put various checks in place, to ensure that the calculations are correct. You begin to rely on them and take them as correct. If they’re not, that can cause problems. If you’re in any doubt, it may be best to get them made by a professional.

40 Facets of Starting & Growing a Business

Take home points:


1. Consider using spreadsheets for your business
2. They are not just for financial records, but for most aspects of business
3. They are very cost effective, compared to custom programmed software
4. They are easy to make but, if you’re not sure, get a professional involved
5. They could provide solutions you didn’t think were possible


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