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We don’t just make spreadsheets for businesses, we also use spreadsheets as a service to your business. You may require some kind of administrative or analytical task to be performed, and you may not care how it get’s achieved. We love to put spreadsheets to work, so that you don’t have to; you just get the result you want.

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Admin Services

We have an experienced virtual assistant on hand to put our (and your) spreadsheets to good use. Do you see the value in using Excel, but would rather not have to use it yourself? If so, then this service is for you. Let us know what you need, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Google Analytics Report

We perform a very specific task for various clients, and we want to let you know about it, so that you can also take advantage of this service. Many people have Google Analytics set up, but they don’t get the full value from it, as they struggle to find the right information. We love Google Analytics because it has so much data available, but it can often get confusing to navigate. When you want a simple, easy-to-read, straight-to-the-point report, Google Analytics is often frustrating because there is so much clutter.

HR Data Analysis

We have realised that the HR industry seems to be very data rich, and relatively information poor, so we have decided to offer you some unique solutions. We want to help HR consultants, as well as business owners, to understand their HR data. Our services are two-fold, as we create custom spreadsheets to analyse your data, but we also provide a virtual assistance service to utilise the available tools, so that we can provide you with the information that you desire from your data.

Making Tax Digital - COMING SOON!

If you’re looking for a way to take values from your own spreadsheets, in order to upload VAT (and later tax) returns to HMRC, then you have found the right place. We have a simple solution in order for you to continue to use your spreadsheets, and still comply with the Making Tax Digital requirements.

Admin Examples

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