We don’t just make spreadsheets for the sake of having them, we make them because of the advantage that they give to businesses. We realise that the spreadsheet itself is not what you are after, but the benefits that it will bring. The spreadsheet is a tool that will act as part of the solution for your business challenges. The other part of the solution that you require could be business consultancy. The spreadsheet will add little value if it is not actually used, so it requires a process to be in place. If you feel that you need to get stronger processes in place before getting a custom spreadsheet made, please contact a business consultant for advice. If you have processes in place and merely wish to enforce, monitor and analyse them, then you have come to the right place for the tools to do that.

For those who are business consultants:

We at Spreadsheet Solutions understand the importance of having processes in place, and a good business plan with clear goals and targets. We are therefore looking to form relationships with business consultants, as we believe that we are both part of the same route to success. We want to enforce and help track the very processes that you help business owners to put in place. We believe that a strong business mindset, with one of our custom made spreadsheets, is a winning formula. Please contact Richard to discuss this further, as he would love to make some business consultant contacts. We can be more productive working together.

For those who need business advice:

Depending on what advice you require, we may be able to help you. We are not professional business consultants, but we understand processes and business systems. We will not just provide you with a spreadsheet (unless you insist), without discussing exactly what you require, and possibly offering other solutions. Please rest assured that, depending on the nature of the spreadsheet you require, we will discuss your processes and come up with the best known solution. If you require more in depth assistance, and you feel that more specialist advice is needed before getting a custom made solution, please contact a business consultant (or contact us and we can recommend one). Once you have clear processes and business targets, we will be able to provide you with a more specific product.