From time to time we do case studies on work which we do for clients, or even our own systems. While this list is no means exhaustive, we want to show you what we are doing for client, so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities. Please take a look at the case studies below, but if they don’t address your requirements, please don’t let that stop you from contacting us.


Client Follow-Up

This was a solution which we created for Monster Merchandising, so that they could keep on top of their leads. They needed to know what action was required for each lead and when each action was due, and they also needed to generate a quote, and track who had been quoted what price.

Letter Generator

Most people associate figures with Excel and letters and documents with Word. That is fair enough, but what if you have the necessary data in Excel, and want that data to populate the document? Yes, you can create links between Excel and Word, but it is messy and confusing at best. There is an easier way.

Project Management

Although we do many project management spreadsheets, most are confidential, as they are based on our client’s specific requirements. In order to show you what we can do, we have decided to show you our own internal project management system.

Process Management

Do your projects follow a specific process? If so, you may require what is now one of our most popular projects. A spreadsheet to define, monitor and track your process. A spreadsheet like this will be laid out according to your process, warn you when certain tasks are due, and then report on the progress of the projects.