Case Study – Monster Merchandising in Bromley, UK
We were contacted by Monster Merchandising, as they wanted to make their processes more user friendly and productive. They provide an excellent service to their clients, and they wanted a system to manage their quotations, which would keep them on top of what they had quoted.

They already used Excel to keep a list of people that they had quoted, which they needed to follow up on, but they required this list to do more. They entered the information, but the spreadsheet did nothing to help, other than store the data. This is part of their original spreadsheet below.

This is as far as most people get with Excel, but it can do so much more! We took the project on and created a custom spreadsheet, in order to provide Monster Merchandising with the solution that they require.

We created a new spreadsheet which would capture all of the details as before, but now also allows them to state how long until they need to follow up with each client, as well as to categorise clients as per their choice. The spreadsheet now reminds them when they needed to follow up with each client! The spreadsheet also uses the information to create a unique code for each enquiry.

Once the enquiry has been generated, they are then able to select that unique enquiry code, and then assign products, suppliers and prices (cost and selling) to the entry. This was lacking before from their original spreadsheet, and will provide a wealth of information. The spreadsheets calculates how many lines you have for each quote, as well as showing some details of the quote selected.
Monster Merchandising were even able to capture a supplier list, which would then make their suppliers available from a drop down list. This would then show the suppliers details on the Quotation Report. To populate this report, all they need to do is select the respective code (from the drop down list) of the quote which they wish to view. Take a look on the next page at an image of the Quotation Report, this is the top half of their report, showing the quote details, and various useful pieces of information, which they would not have had before.
We’re sure that you can see how much Monster Merchandising would have benefitted from this new spreadsheet, and we know that you’re already thinking of ways that a custom spreadsheet could make your administration process easier and more productive. Take a look at what Monster Merchandising have to say.
Thanks Spreadsheet Solutions. The spreadsheet you designed for our business has helped a lot. Before we had your improved version, we were quite disorganised. It has saved us a lot of time, and we know exactly where we are with all our enquiries and prospective clients. We will also be able to adapt it as needed when we get busier. Thank you very much, we have recommended your services to several people and will continue to do so.

Monster Merchandising