Case Study – Letter Creator for Spinal Elements Chiropractic
Yes, you read correctly, a letter creator. Have you ever had the need to create many of the same letter, all personalised with an individual’s details? This is exactly what Spinal Elements Chiropractic was faced with, and this is the case study on the solutions which we provided for them. We have done other similar projects, where we have linked a generated letter to a job card, but this time it was a database of client details which fed the letter generator. This type of product can not be sold as a standard product, as there is customisation required with the database and letter layout, but please let this case study inspire you!

Firstly we have the database, where the client details can be entered. Not only does it automatically change the recognised data to the right format, but it also shows them what data is missing. Red is vital data used in the letter, amber is data that could be used, but currently is not, and green is data that may not be required (like line 2 – 4 of the address). It will also show them if the database passes, if all of the data required for the letter is available. They can select any contact and change it to ‘ignore’ and then the whole line will grey out, and that client’s details will not be used, and they will not be available for the letter selection.

They then get to draft the letter and the letter header, as you can see below, the codes for each of the database headers appear on the right of the screen. This means that all they have to do, is replace and ‘dynamic’ word with the respective code. Whenever a code appears, the letter will replace it with the relevant word from the database, depending on the contact selected. They can also choose the formatting of the letter header, normal, bold, underlined, or bold and underlined. They can sign off the letter as they wish.
We have then created them a custom letter-head, including their logo, contact details and address, which is made up in the example (address). This will not change from letter to letter, however they are able to change their contact details on another tab.
All that is left for them to do now, is select each client in turn, and save the document as a PDF. That creates a separate PDF sheet for each client letter, which is individually tailored to that specific client.

Here is the first client’s details selected, based on the layout of the letter done earlier. As you can see, all of their details have populated the letter template. Please note that Spreadsheet Solutions typed this letter as an example.

Then by simply selecting the next client from the drop down list on the letter sheet, they can select the next client, and have all of their details populate the letter. Any clients marked as ‘ignore’ on the database, will not appear on this list. It will also show if any vital details are missing from the database.
We would like you to hear what the client thinks of their custom made solution, so here is what Sarah had to say. Sarah is the owner of Spinal Elements Chiropractic.
My experience of working with Spreadsheet Solutions has been excellent.

I needed to send letters to all my patients informing them of a change in clinic address and opening hours. Spreadsheet Solutions understood my company needs and provided me with an easy to use programme in which I could create my letter and select simply select the patient’s information to be added in the correct places without me having to type each one out.

Any information regarding Spinal Elements Chiropractic that was already in the programme could easily be changed by myself if need be.

A problem that I encountered was that due to patient confidentiality I was unable to give Spreadsheet Solutions my existing patient database to input into the programme. They professionally dealt with this creating me an empty database into which I could transfer my own data. Richard talked me through doing this over the phone along with how to use the programme.

I found the programme user friendly and logical to use. In all this “letter creating programme” has saved me precious time and I have no doubt that I shall be making good use of it again and again.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Spreadsheet Solutions for their great product and service.


Owner, Spinal Elements Chiropractic