Case Study – Process Management Solution for JMS Group
This is becoming one of our most popular requests. Process management. We all have processes within our businesses, whether they be sales, marketing, client relationship, manufacturing, or any other process, we need to know what is due and when we need to do it. Simple spreadsheets are required, to monitor these processes, warning us when tasks are due, and reporting on the work done. This is exactly what JMS Group required. They needed to be able to track each project from start to finish, in order to make sure that their clients received the best possible service, and that all projects were finished as planned.

I met with Marlon, the owner of JMS Group, and we discussed what he required. I took his ideas on board, so that the spreadsheet fully captured his process, and I made some suggestions on how I thought that he could plug some potential gaps in his process. We made sure that the process set out on the spreadsheet was correct, and that it was the most productive for his business. I then set to work on his spreadsheet, creating a solution which would achieve our goal. This first page was simply to add his client database, as you can see, I have added some fictitious names.

They can then set up projects, and assign clients from their client list to each project. There are various project details which they required, which will help them not only to track projects, but also to pre-determine things like invoice amounts. The beauty of having all of this information on one spreadsheet, is that we can have all of the sheets ‘communicating’ with each other, to make sure that the process is as automated as possible. The image below shows how each project is set up, and assigned to a client. Each row changes colour depending on the current status of the project.
As you can see, each project has a unique number. This is not only to identify a project, but it also means that each time they select a number, the spreadsheet knows what project they are referring to. This enables a situation where they can select a project number (in the image below) and they can immediately start tracking the project. The spreadsheet knows when each task is required, as well as invoice amounts, so it can predict what is required. If they don’t undertake the process as planned, it will warn them in time to make any necessary changes. This is vital as they want to stay one step ahead.
This type of tool is vital as they need to monitor a process. There is a clear procedure to follow, the cells change colour to warn them of upcoming tasks, and they know exactly what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.

But that is not all, the spreadsheet also analyses the data, and then produces various reports. The one below shows the schedule of invoices, based on the data on the project progress sheet. There is no need for them to update this information, it updates automatically when they complete the project progression sheet.


They then wanted a page where they could see all of the relevant details for any given project. No problem, they simply need to select the required project number, and they can see exactly what is going on with that project. Client details, contact with client, project progression, invoice status, to name a few items of information at their fingertips. This sheet is not only available to show them what is happening with their projects, but can also be saved as a PDF for a handy client report page if required.


We also included an overall report page. They needed to know the overall view of all of their projects, so that they can see what is happening within the business. Knowing this kind of information is key when you need to make decisions regarding the direction of your business. JMS Group have this information at their fingertips, thanks to this spreadsheet. We can’t show you all the information on this sheet, but we can show you the image below (with fictional data).


So there you have it, one spreadsheet created for a forward-thinking company, so that they can keep on top of their business process. Not only helpful for tracking, and monitoring their procedures, but also to report on the progress of projects, and the overall business situation. See what JMS Group had to say below.


Our bespoke CRM system has helped us fully understand the position of cases being handled by our admin team. It keeps us updated with all the latest movements and helps with the tracking, managing and progressing of all active and non-active client cases.

The CRM keeps the whole business group informed and therefore aids us in our decision making in how to progress next and when invoices are due. There is also the facility to view up to date reports on the health of the business, which helps us create more effective business strategies and streamline operations.

An absolutely brilliant bit of kit that keep the business performing to their best – I don’t know how we survived without this previously!

Thank You Spreadsheet Solutions!!


Owner, JMS Group