We have stressed how useful a tool Excel can be when it comes to business, and we urge people to use it more often to help them make their companies more productive. Some people prefer to do their own Excel documents, or wish to use Excel on a daily basis and require themselves or their staff to know how to use Excel.

There are a few companies offering Excel training and even advanced Excel training. They have a curriculum which they follow, so you get given a list of functions that they will teach you in the training session. We have found that companies charge up to £800 per day for training, which we think is expensive for a set curriculum. We have decided to do it differently – we offer custom Excel training! We believe that if you have been using Excel already, you probably know how to use certain functions and there is probably a goal that you have in mind to achieve. This means that we allow you to contact us with a list of functions that you wish to learn, or an overall project idea that you wish to achieve, and we will teach you the necessary skills to achieve your goals! Our rates are as follows:

£450.00 + VAT + travel costs (+ accommodation, if required) per day (9:00 – 16:30 with an hour lunch break)

Please note the following terms and criteria:

We may require a few days to prepare for these training sessions, depending on what you wish to learn.

We do not provide macro (VBA) training.

Training provided is for a maximum of 6 people (per day). If you require training for more than 6 people, please confirm this with us and we can submit a quotation.

Please contact us for more information, or to book our custom Excel training.