All businesses can benefit from custom made business software, but very few can actually afford it. That is why there are so many software solutions available, because it is almost impossible to run a business now without software. Your processes, client relations, finances, data analysis, reporting, and HR all rely on software. If you don’t want to shell out for bespoke programmed software, but you don’t want to use an off-the-shelf solution, what do you do? We create custom business software, but all within macro-free spreadsheets.

So the first questions that you may have are, why do we use spreadsheets over programmed software, and why do we make business software? Here are some reasons why we do so, along with a short video.

Why we use Excel to create business software


  • Excel is versatile, and powerful in the right hands
  • It is more affordable than bespoke software
  • Building time is much less than programmed software
  • Spreadsheets are easy to use
  • Adaptable, and easily upgraded
  • Solutions that revolve around your business
  • People are often familiar with spreadsheets

Now that you know why we use Excel to create custom business software, you may want to know if spreadsheets can tick all the boxes. Surely Excel is just for making lists and summing columns? No, it can do so much more than that. In fact, here is what we would expect from programmed business software.

Your process

Create a structure to work to

Simplify and automate

Monitor & alert of tasks

Your workload

Increase productivity

Makes your work more accurate

Speed and ease of tasks


Completed work

Success and KPIs

Facilitates change and growth

Imagine you had a bespoke software solution for your business, that had all the characteristics shown above, but at a fraction of the price of bespoke programmed software. That is what we provide. If you are serious about using Excel to improve your processes, watch this video. We will show you a bespoke spreadsheet that we use ourselves, and how it ticks all the boxes above. The spreadsheet shown is our Marketing Hub, but you can apply these principals to any application, not just marketing.

If this inspires you to think of solutions you need, please get in touch. We always like to hear about ways that we can help businesses to achieve more and be more productive.

If you would like to know more about using Excel over programmed software, we have a page showing when you should use a spreadsheet instead of programmed software. We also have some blog posts, one which we wrote in response to someone that said that spreadsheets are the Jack of all Trades, but the Master of None. You may also like to see the one entitled Why a Software Package Isn’t Necessarily Better Than Your Spreadsheet. Lastly, you may also want to see Why my clients use custom spreadsheets over CRM software.

When you’re convinced that spreadsheets are the way to go, you may be wondering what kind of projects we do. Do we even do the kind of solution that you require? Before we show you some examples, just rest assured that we love doing new projects, and we are always keen to talk about what you need. Some of our favourite projects are the ones that we get to do that we haven’t done before. Just to show you some of the types of projects that we have done, take a look at these examples, and watch the video with the catchy music.

Types of solutions that we provide


  • Project Management
  • Staff Management
  • Process Tracking
  • Management Dashboards
  • Data Analysis
  • CRM
  • Financial Analysis
  • More…

If you need business software and you think that we can help you with a bespoke spreadsheet, please use the link to get in touch with us. If you need some more details or inspiration, please take a look around our site. When you’re ready to proceed, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Bespoke spreadsheets made specifically for your business.

Comprehensive spreadsheets which are ready to purchase.

A range of basic spreadsheets at a low price.