Many people have Google Analytics set up, but they don’t get the full value from it, as they struggle to find the right information. We love Google Analytics because it has so much data available, but it can often get confusing to navigate. When you want a simple, easy-to-read, straight-to-the-point report, Google Analytics is often frustrating because there is so much clutter. We have created a spreadsheet which uses Google Analytics data to produce a fairly detailed, yet easy-to-understand report, and you can choose what aspects to include in the report. If you purchase this spreadsheet, we offer the added value of populating the spreadsheet for you each month. 

We create an easy-to-understand but detailed report, making sense of your Google Analytics data.

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Data population options

Here are the two options. You can either select the Retrospective option, which means that we will start by populating 12 months worth of data (or as much as you have available), so that you can start with a spreadsheet full of data. The other option is the Start & Grow option, where we start with 1 month and add a month each month from then.

If you opt for the Retrospective option, please see what the starting price will be for the first month (based on the number of components you select). The price per month from then on will then be as shown for the Monthly Price per month (based on the number of components).

Please note that this entire service is based on you purchasing the Website Visitor Report spreadsheet first.

Starting Prices (if you opt for the Retrospective option) based on the number of components purchased:

1 – £150

2 – £150

3 – £150

4 – £175

5 – £175

6 – £175

7 – £200

8 – £200

9 – £200

10 – £200


Monthly Prices (if you opt for either option) based on the number of components purchased:

1 – £20

2 – £20

3 – £20

4 – £25

5 – £25

6 – £25

7 – £30

8 – £30

9 – £30

10 – £30


Would you like us to populate your spreadsheet for you? Simply fill in the required details below, and we’ll get in touch to help you. You will need to purchase the relevant spreadsheet, we can contact you first to help with the whole process.

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How this service works
  1. You make contact with us to let us know you’re keen, and we ask you for your Google Analytics login details.
  2. We log in to your account once a month, and retrieve the data we need to generate the reports. We may set up an automated email to send us the required data, so we don’t need to log in each month.
  3. We then use the spreadsheet that you have purchased (you need to purchase the desired report spreadsheet with the components that you want) and populate it with the relevant data.
  4. Once complete, we email the completed spreadsheet to you.
  5. We repeat the process around the same time the following month.
  6. Each report will have a the relevant components that you wanted, all populated with up to 12 rolling months of data.
  7. If you purchase the Start & Grow option, the first month will only have 1 month’s data, and each new month will be added to that, so your 12 month rolling data will grow with each report. If you purchase the Retrospective option, we will add the last 12 months of data from the first report. If you don’t have 12 months worth of data, we will add what you have available.
  8. We will send each invoice with the report, and the invoice will be immediately due. If you fail to pay the invoice before the end of the month of issue, we will suspend the service. The first month of the Retrospective option will require payment upfront BEFORE the report is issued.
  9. You can cancel the service at any time, by just emailing us to let us know. We will acknowledge receipt of your request to complete the cancellation process. Payment of any issued invoices will still be required, but we will not issue any reports or invoices after you have cancelled your service. You will then get to keep the initial spreadsheet that you purchased.