Human resources and spreadsheets go together like fish and chips. There are some tools on the market to help HR professionals, but they either tend to do too much, or too little. Very often a simple spreadsheet is the solution. HR professionals could find themselves spending far too much time analysing data, when really they should be spending that time implementing changes to improve the relationship between the business and the staff. They need the right reports to do this successfully, and those reports are often hard to come by. We supply spreadsheets to produce these much needed reports.

We deal with a few HR companies, but none more so than Inside Advantage. Here are a few types of projects that we have done for the HR industry, and we have asked Monica Beckles (owner of Inside Advantage) to comment on each one, and explain why they are so important.

360 Staff Appraisals

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Creating 360 staff appraisals consists of creating questionnaires, collecting data, consolidating that data, and then creating a report ready for the appraisal meeting. Consolidating collected data, and generating a custom report is what we excel at (excuse the pun). If you would like assistance with all of the aspects above, we have a standard 360 Staff Appraisal product in our store. If you’re a smaller business and you don’t need the 360 aspect, you can take a look at the Simple Staff Appraisal (in our Basic Range of Products). You may need something bespoke, as all businesses are different. We love to create bespoke solutions, and we have written a blog post to give you an idea of how you can make this whole process much easier. Take a look at this blog post.

You want to get to the point where you’re sitting in front of the member of staff with the 360 staff appraisal in your hand. We want to help you get to that point as quickly and easily as possible.

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To realise the many benefits of 360-degree and indeed all staff appraisals, it is essential that they are aligned with overall strategic business goals. Appraisals should form an integral part of the performance management process, not just an add-on to tick a box. The design, implementation and communication are the foundation to its success, and the objective interpretation and constructive delivery of the feedback received ensures it achieve its aims – engagement, productivity and continued growth of the employee.
Inside Advantage has teamed up with Spreadsheet Solutions to ensure your appraisals deliver their aims. We can help you design and implement the appraisal process and work with your managers to formulate and deliver the feedback provided by the Spreadsheet Solutions system. We can also design metrics that measure the effectiveness of your appraisals and performance management practices, ensuring they achieve their aims and maximise the return on your investment.

More about 360 Staff Appraisals

A 360-degree appraisal provides employers with a mechanism to gather candid feedback on individuals’ performance from a wide range of stakeholders. It is particularly useful when the appraisee is a leader or their role necessitates interaction with different groups of people, internal and external. The process requires a handful of people to answer specific questions about the employee’s performance and allocate a rating from a defined scale. Because the feedback comes from a wide range of contributors, rather than just the manager, it is more effective in helping appraisees better understand their performance, skills and behaviours. It tests their perceptions of their impact on team and business goals, their colleagues, their working environment, and their personal growth and development. Conducted correctly, it is a vital and very effective management tool.

Attendance & Absenteeism

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This seems to be a constant headache for business owners. Who was off when, and how many days do they still have for annual leave? Are there any patterns regarding the absenteeism? This usually boils down to some badly collected data that is offering no reporting whatsoever. We want to make this process easier, by supplying spreadsheets to help you capture the necessary data to produce reports that can help you see exactly what is going on. We usually create bespoke spreadsheets for this, as businesses differ and we want to give you the right solution for you. Having said that, we do have a standard Staff Absentee Schedule available in our store.

If you would like an up to date report of your staff absenteeism, without all the fuss of consolidating data, get in touch. We’ll make you a tool which makes data collection easier, and automatically produces a useful report.

Inside Advantage

The measurement and analysis of absence data can not only improve attendance, because you have accurate data on which to make decisions, but it can also help you identify the true cost of absence to your business. Absenteeism is a huge cost to businesses, whether or not they pay company sick pay. Productivity suffers during unplanned absence and colleagues’ workloads increase as they carry the load of absent workers, which can cause resentment. Do you know how much absence is costing your business? Do you know the impact of absence on your outputs and customer satisfaction levels?

There is an old saying, ‘you manage what you measure’. Our Senior Consultants are former operational managers, with years of experience in a measurement centric industry. We understand the financial impact of absence and how to reduce it. We can work with your business to develop a measurement system to inform your policies, practices and procedures. Call us!

More about Attendance & Absenteeism

Keeping accurate records of worker absence is imperative. The more workers you have the more complex the management of absenteeism. There so many types of absence now and it is best practice to record the reasons employees fail to come to work be it sickness, injury, childcare issues, household emergency, parental leave, the list goes on, oh and whether it is paid or unpaid. Recording and analysing attendance and absenteeism helps businesses create policies, procedures and initiatives to manage it. Data is also essential for effective sickness absence procedures. Are there concerning trends? Does any employee have unusually high absence levels? You can’t reprimand an employee if you can’t tell them when and why they were absent, can you!

Holiday Planning

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Holiday planning is one of those things that should be fairly easy to manage, but seem to go wrong far too often. Again, we usually tackle these projects as bespoke solutions, but we do have a standard Annual Leave Schedule which has proved to be quite popular. It is often not just as simple as writing the holidays down on a calendar, as there is often an approval process that needs to be undertaken, This spreadsheet will help with that whole process. It will help you keep on top of who has applied for leave when, what has been authorised, and what is awaiting approval.

This is one of those solutions that we would never have though to make, however we received various requests for a solution to holidays and leave scheduling. This drove us to create the standard store product, which is currently one of the most popular products. We thought that this was fairly easy to organise, but as it turns out, it can be a huge headache to business owners.

Are you on top of this relatively simple, but extremely important process? If not, get in touch.

Inside Advantage

There’s no getting away from it, calculating annual leave is one of those things that causes frustration in many businesses. One size definitely does not fit all! There is now a plethora of different working patterns that require different methods of calculation. There are also bank holidays, business closures, treatment of leave during maternity, paternity or parental leave etc, clawing back annual leave, carrying it over, holiday pay and calculation on termination to manage. Did you know there are options open to employers to better control annual leave and minimise its effect on business operations? There are restrictions too however on what you can do, depending on the employment contract. What does yours say? What restrictions does it present on how you manage annual leave? Can you do what you would like without breaching the contract? What if you overpay holiday, can you deduct? What if you grant too much holiday, can you take it back?

Our team can help you answer these and other questions and ensure that you meet your obligations under the Working Time Regulations. We can also create a policy and review your employment contract to ensure that you are operating within its terms and, if it is too restrictive, we’ll amend it for you, no problem!

More about Holiday Planning

Life is hectic! Rest and relaxation are essential for employee productivity and the time away from the workplace and ideally on a holiday, is precious! Employees have rights under the Working Time Regulations and denying your employees their rights could not only aggrieve them but cause even greater issues. The effective administration of annual leave is an essential business skill. Employers must ensure they give their workers at least statutory annual leave, calculated on a pro-rata basis if they do not work full time.

There you have it, we’ve only covered 3 aspects of HR, and shown how spreadsheets can help. We could show you even more (like staff succession planning), but we think that you have seen how useful the relationship can be. If you are an HR professional, we would love to chat to you about how we can team up with you to help you to spend your time doing what you’re an expert at, while we take care of the mundane administrative part. If you’re a business owner looking for HR assistance, please get in touch with Monica below, and let’s see how we can help you.

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