If you’re interested in a bespoke spreadsheet solution, and you need some ideas or inspiration, you’re in the right place. We have some ideas and information to help you to make a decision. Use the links below to see what interests you, and then use the ‘Bespoke’ button to return back to the Bespoke Spreadsheet page.

Excel as Business Software

Why do we use Excel to create business software? This shows why we use Excel, and why it benefits your business to put this powerful tool to work.

Business Dashboards

Dashboards are vital to directors in the current business climate. We have so much data at our fingertips today, more than we have ever had before, but does the data tell you what you need to know? As a director, you are busy, and you don’t have time to sit and analyse data. You want to see a clear, and to-the-point report of your data, so that you can make the best decision as fast as possible. This is why dashboards are so important. They convert your raw data to useful information, providing you with the knowledge to make the right decisions for your business.

Spreadsheet Upgrades

This is a very popular request. Have you made a spreadsheet yourself, perhaps with a few tabs and some basic formulas? It just about does what you need, but now you want to upgrade to something more comprehensive or automated. We often get sent spreadsheets just like this, and we’re asked to make an upgraded version. Send us your spreadsheet and let us take a look at what we can do to improve it.

Bespoke Products

How does a bespoke standard product sound? This may sound like a contradiction in terms, but is actually quite a useful service. Would you like us to make a standard product, branded for your business, so that you can get associates or clients to purchase it? If so, then this is for you.

Analysing SCV Files

With mountains of data available, these spreadsheets are becoming more and more popular. Think about it – most social media websites, CRM systems, software packages and other business solutions will export your data to a CSV file. Do you know what that data is telling you? If not, we can create a spreadsheet to receive the data from your export and analyse it, to produce a report which will tell you what you want to know.

Why You Need a Spreadsheet

If you own or run a business, managing, analysing and reporting on processes and business data is key. We supply businesses from one-man bands to multi-national corporations, and we love to create custom spreadsheet solutions for any purpose. If you would like to see why you need a bespoke spreadsheet solution for your business, then take a look.

40 Problems Solved

We have been providing spreadsheet solutions for many years, so we have made a list of 40 problems which we have solved using spreadsheets. Do you have any of these issues? If not, what issues do you face? Get hold of us and let us help. This list is growing all the time, it started at 20, grew to 30, and is now at 40.

Types of Solutions

We do many different types of spreadsheets for many different types of businesses, and we want to try and inspire you to get the best possible spreadsheet for your business. In order to do this, we have broken down the main spreadsheets we do into 6 categories. This will help you to see what is possible, and what other businesses are benefitting from. Take a look at these 6 categories, and see what you need. If what you need isn’t in one of these groups, don’t let that put you off – get in touch anyway!

Programmed Software or a Spreadsheet?

If you’re wondering whether you need to move to programmed software, or whether you just need your spreadsheets upgraded, take a look here. So many businesses buy unnecessary software, when a spreadsheet will do the job (sometimes even better). We have made some notes about when you do need to move to software, and when you just need a better spreadsheet. This should help you to make the right decision.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

If you have any questions about getting a bespoke spreadsheet, whether it by about the business, the process or the spreadsheets themselves, here are some frequently asked questions and the answers. If you’re still not sure after reading these, please feel free to get in touch and ask us, we’re happy to help.