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With Steve Mead
Scheduled release date: 13 April 2020
More about how spreadsheets can help with COST MANAGEMENT
Cost management is about understanding costs and usage, and then making sure that you have the right information to make the right decisions to save money. It may not be as simple as just finding a cheaper supplier, as you are often not comparing apples with apples. We have some examples of such spreadsheets like the Energy Usage Report which measures your energy usage at different times, or the Product Validation Report which shows which products you should be promoting as they are more lucrative. If you just want to compare like for like prices, we have the Purchase Price Comparison. These are all in our Prime Range, but we also have some options in our Basic Range, like the Fuel Consumption Logbook, to help you see which fuel is the most cost-effective. We realise that this kind of problem often requires a bespoke solution, so if you need one, please get in touch.

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