Let’s Talk About DATA ANALYSIS


Let’s talk about…
With Chris Shaw
Scheduled release date: 20 April 2020
More about how spreadsheets can help with DATA ANALYSIS
As you would have heard in the video, data analysis and Excel go together like fish and chips. Once you have decided what questions you wish to have answered, and you have the relevant data, we can create a spreadsheet to analyse that data, to find the answers that you need. Although these kind of spreadsheets are usually bespoke projects, we do have some simple solutions in our Prime Range of products, as well as some in the Basic Range (both ranges have a data analysis filter). You can see the File Download Report that I mention in the video, as well as the Energy Usage Report that analyses businesses energy usage.We also have a page about Analysing Exported CSV Data, and another page on the importance of Data Analysis. Finally, you can read our blog post about getting More Out of Your Data. If you’re still in doubt as to how we can help you wish data analysis, feel free to get in touch.

Would you rather just listen to the interview? No problem, here is the audio from the video all wrapped up in a handy podcast.