Let’s Talk About MARKETING


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With Stefan Drew

Scheduled release date: 11 May 2020
More about how spreadsheets can help with MARKETING
Marketing campaigns involve a fair bit of planning, reporting, and admin, and those can often be made better and easier with spreadsheets. We have the Sales & Marketing Dashboard in the Prime Range store, which will help you to establish your return on investment on your marketing. We also have a Marketing Campaign Report, which is on our Basic Range of spreadsheets. Many of the marketing related spreadsheet that we make are bespoke projects, as there is no real one-size-fits-all solution to marketing. Take a look at the blog post entitled What I Learned with 3 Months of Marketing Data, and then get in touch for your own solution.

Would you rather just listen to the interview? No problem, here is the audio from the video all wrapped up in a handy podcast.