Let’s Talk About SOCIAL MEDIA


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With Belinda Barber
Scheduled release date: 15 June 2020
More about how spreadsheets can help with SOCIAL MEDIA

Social Media produces loads of data, and it is important to understand it. Not only your social media analytics, but also how it fits into your overall marketing campaigns. It is also quite time consuming to generate social media content, and spreadsheets can sometimes help with that. These solutions are often bespoke spreadsheets, like one that we made for ourselves that we talk about in this blog post. We have some spreadsheets to help you to generate and schedule tweets, like the Excel Your Tweets spreadsheet in the Prime Range, or the Tweet Creator in the Basic Range. We also have some marketing tools like the Sales & Marketing Dashboard or the Sales Breakdown Report to show you where your business is coming from. If you want to really get technical to try and find out where your website traffic comes from, why not try our Marketing Campaign Report. Also, we have a free social media hub spreadsheet, so be sure to get your hands on that. If you want to explore solutions, get in touch.

Would you rather just listen to the interview? No problem, here is the audio from the video all wrapped up in a handy podcast.