We’re looking to move (the family and the business) to the Ashford area in the summer of 2020, so if anyone knows of any good networking events out there, please let us know. We’d love to come and visit some in preparation for our move. In the meantime, we’re still networking in Bromley and Croydon. 

BR1 NETworking

BR1 NETworking is in central Bromley, but also stands for Bromley Relaxed and Informal Networking, and that is exactly what it is. As one of the founding members, we set this group up as a once-a-month group, where you can buy a coffee and network with other professionals.

Where: Bromley

How Often: Once a Month

What Day: Wednesday

What time: 09:45 – 11:00

Type: Informal networking over a coffee with a 1 minute pitch.

CRX – Referral Exchange

CRX stands for Croydon Referral Exchange, and is a breakfast networking and referral exchange group. We are run by the members, for the members, so we’re not part of any larger group or organisation. This means that the annual fee (a marketing contribution) is really low.

Where: Croydon

How Often: Once a Week

What Day: Friday

What time: 07:30 – 09:00

Type: Networking breakfast and referral group.