Although our main line of work is creating custom spreadsheets and providing a virtual assistance service for your spreadsheet work, we also provide a few other services. If you’d like to know more about these services, see what our process entails (what you can expect when you ask us to undertake a project), or see some problems that we have solved using Excel. Take a look at the links below.


30 Problems Solved

We have been providing spreadsheet solutions for many years, so we have made a list of 30 problems which we have solved using spreadsheets. Do you have any of these issues? If not, what issues do you face? Get hold of us and let us help.

Why Use Us?

Sometimes approaching someone to help you to create a solution for your business can be intimidating. People often assume that as soon as they pick up the phone to us, we start clocking up billable hours. This is just not the case. We would like to let you know how our process works, what kind of prices we charge, and what you can expect. Take a look.

Business Advice

Very often, getting a custom spreadsheet goes hand in hand with business consultancy. Although we don’t provide such a service (business consultancy), we are in contact with many different kinds of business consultants who can help in various areas. If you are a business consultant and wish to chat to us about what we can offer your clients, or you think you may need a business consultant, click the link.

Custom Training

If you need a new spreadsheet, but would really like to do it yourself, we can help. We don’t do group training, nor do we have a set training programme. You tell us what you are trying to create, and we will come and teach you how to make that. Once you’re done, not only will you have what you wanted, but you will also know how to make it.