Most people understand the importance of having spreadsheets, and most businesses use them to one degree or another. The problem is that very few people utilise the full potential of spreadsheets. We create custom spreadsheets, designed specifically for you, to help you achieve your goals.

We can do anything from a complicated CRM solution or project management system, to a simple contact database. We understand the importance of using software to keep your processes monitored, assessed and reviewed. This is why we use Excel to produce simple, effective software solutions, which are affordable for businesses of all sizes. Many people don’t want the hassle of over-complicated software, and we agree. Why over-complicate things when there is a simple solution?

We have a few pages showing types of spreadsheets that we have done, Types of Solutions shows the categories of most required spreadsheets, and 30 Problems Solved shows various issues which our spreadsheets have eliminated. If you need some inspiration, please take a look at these pages. Having said this, our most successful and dynamic projects are ones that have not been done before. Do you have a unique requirement? No problem, we love to create innovative solutions for bespoke requirements. Contact us and let us know what you need, a simple coffee meeting may present you with the solution you need.



Capture your income each month, set yourself increasing targets, and monitor seasonal trends. A ‘must-have’ spreadsheet for business owners.


Download this spreadsheet, answer 10 simple questions, and then see what opportunities there are for you to save time and money. This will better explain which of our solutions may be of interest to you.


If you go networking, and collect business cards, but then forget who you have met when asked to make a referral. You need to get your hands on this tool.


Input your list of tasks, then organise them and see which tasks you need to do more urgently. Not rocket science, but a rather useful little spreadsheet.