We often get approached by companies and professionals, who ask us if we could create a ‘standard’ product, which their clients can buy, The answer is yes. Many of our store products have come about because someone has contacted us and asked for a standard product, which they could get their customers to purchase, which could be used by either party. For example, an HR consultant required a 360 Staff Appraisal system for their clients. We created one and put it in our store, so they can now get their clients to purchase a copy, which they then use for their client’s staff appraisals.

The same is also true for consultants. Many consultants working for one company, one requires a product which all of the others could use, so we made a standard solution to sell to everyone. There are many companies and industries that would see the benefit of a solution like this. If you’re wondering why this could be better than a bespoke solution, here are some points to consider:

  • The standard products are cheaper than the bespoke products, as they are sold to numerous people.
  • If everyone (all of your clients for example) have the same software, it creates a uniformed structure and procedure for you.
  • We create demo videos, free trials and PDF brochures of the standard products, so people can see what they will purchase.
  • With various people using them, you get the benefit of other people’s upgrade suggestions.
  • You can then comfortably recommend software that you use yourself.
  • If the spreadsheets are created exclusively for you, they will be branded accordingly.

This just leaves one decision to make, will this be useful to you? Are you a consultant who deals with many clients. Is there a benefit to having all of your clients using the same software? Do you need to use the same software for various clients, which they could purchase? Maybe you are an individual who is part of a larger company, and you think that there could be a solution which all of the individuals could use. Whatever your situation, if you would like to see a standard solution in our store, which could benefit many people, we need to hear from you.

If you would like to have a standard solution made which is sold exclusively to your clients or affiliates, we are more than happy to provide one, subject to a minimum number purchased.

If this sounds good to you, or if you would like to discuss it further, please do contact us.