We pride ourselves in creating custom spreadsheets to provide bespoke solutions, but we have noticed a few re-occurring requests from our clients. We have put them into categories, so we can hopefully give you some ideas of what we can do for you. Please don’t limit us to these groups, if you think that we can provide you with a solution, please contact us. At the moment, there are 10 categories:

1. Client Downloads: We have had quite a few requests to create a 2 sheet spreadsheet, where our client makes the sheet available for their client to download. Their client then fills in the details on the first sheet, and answers (or gives a value to) the questions (or statements). The second sheet then shows them how much they could benefit from my client’s services (usually a rating based on the answers). This is a questionnaire that your client could download, fill in, and then see how much they need your services. The spreadsheet is branded for your business and has links back to your website or contact page. We have a generic one in our store as an example, which you can see in our Standard Solutions section on the home page.

2. Simple Spreadsheets:These are usually a few sheets, where the main sheet is a table of sorts. People often want to capture entries into a database, but then they want supporting sheets to either extract specific entries from the database, based on criteria, or they want to be able to select an entry and have it displayed in a certain format (like and invoice, quote or letter).These usually also have another sheet with some statistics based on the database. Generally speaking, these are the spreadsheets that we get sent to ‘upgrade‘, as people realise that their databases are not as productive as they could be. We have a case study on such a project below..

3. Simple Project Management: These are to track simple projects. Usually a 3 or 4 sheet spreadsheet to track and analyse smaller projects. What have we ordered, is it here, are we in budget, are we on schedule? Those kind of things. If you have a small business and need a fairly simple CRM system to track your projects, something like this could well be useful to you. It doesn’t necessarily look like a spreadsheet, more like software, but all done in Excel. We use something like this ourselves, to track, monitor and analyse our own projects. We have a case study available below, showing the project management spreadsheet that we created for ourselves.

4. Dashboards: These are often more popular with the larger companies. Various sheets where they can input data (usually supplied by their internal software systems), with one sheet where all of the data is summarised in charts, graphs and meters. Larger companies love these as the entire project is displayed on one sheet, which employees can print out and present to managers in their report meetings. If you require your staff to provide you with a project report, this may be something to discuss with us.

5. Larger Project Management: These are like custom CRM systems. Maybe 10 – 15 sheets, all tracking a larger project. Input all of the project data and track it from start to finish, progress, financial, reports, whatever you need. These are very useful for medium sized companies who require a custom software system to track their projects, but can’t afford to get custom software programmed, as that can often run into the tens or hundreds of thousands of Pounds. We can create project management type software, using Excel. In fact, we can even sometimes do it macro-free.

6. Store Products: We have some ‘standard’ spreadsheets that are available to purchase, which range in price. These are cheaper than what the spreadsheets would have cost of we had custom made them for someone, but many people prefer these as they can ‘try before they buy’. There are brochures, 30 day free downloads and video demos for these in the ‘store’. The prices are all displayed there too. If you require a standard solution or if you would like to get some more ideas, please take a look. If you find something that inspires you, but you need it to do more, please let us know. We love creating custom solutions, or we can merely adapt the standard product of your choice to suit your requirements. You can find a list of the standard products here.

7. CSV Export Analysis: Many businesses have software or website plugins that export data as a .csv file, which can be opened in Excel. They then save the file somewhere and forget about it. A wealth of data is then stored and never used. What a waste. We can create a custom spreadsheet, so that you can copy the data from the CSV file and paste the values into the spreadsheet that we provide. All that is left to do is click on the other tab(s) and see the analysis of your data, in easy to understand charts and tables, just as you want it. All of these are custom made, so we can extract and analyse the data, just as you require. Showing you what you want to see, not just an endless list of data! Click here to find out more.

8. Custom CRM Systems: CRM systems are usually created to sell to many companies, usually in the same industry. This means that you end up moulding and shaping your business exactly the same way as your competitors. We would like to give you the advantage, and create a custom CRM system, all within Excel. A bespoke system, designed specifically for your business, on a platform that you know and probably already use. We don’t have a specific CRM brochure yet, but there is a brochure for the project management system that we use ourselves below. All CRM Systems are custom made, please contact us to establish what is best for you, we are always happy to take a look at what you need and give you some suggestions. If you just need a simple Project Management tool, you may find one in our Standard Solutions section.

9. Letter Generators: Yes you read correctly. Excel is good at analysing data and producing a result depending on the outcome. This means that it can also be used to generate personalised letters depending on an individual client’s details. Would you like to auto generate a client-specific letter, depending on the client’s details? If so, then this is a service that you would need to investigate. Due to the highly custom layout, these can only be made bespoke, but we do have a case study that you can download below.

10. Price Calculators: We are usually asked for one of two types, but we’re not limited to these. The first one is one which our clients give to their clients, who then complete certain details and receive a price. They can then decided whether or not to use my client. An ‘interactive’ price list, which is handy for some, and vital to other companies. The second type is one which our clients fill in themselves. This one usually has more ‘sensitive’ data, so our clients fill in their clients requirements, and produce a custom price. This can then be saved as a PDF and sent to the client, protecting their sensitive data. To see what one of our clients had to say about this type of solution, download the referral letter below.

If you would like a better idea of the types of spreadsheets that we make, take a look at this 3 min video for some inspiration. Remember, we make custom solutions, so these are merely examples of what is possible. Let your imagination run free!



Download this spreadsheet, answers 10 simple questions, and then see what opportunities there are for you to save time and money. This will better explain which of our solutions may be of interest to you.


A PDF brochure of a simple spreadsheet that we brought to life for a client. Send us your spreadsheets and see what we can do with them! Part of the #savethespreadsheet campaign.


A PDF brochure which showcases our own internal project management system. We specialise in this type of spreadsheet.


This case study shows how Excel can be used to generate customised letters, based on the same template, for each of your clients.


It is always exciting when people say good things about you, but it is even better when you don’t ask them to. This letter was sent to us by a client, out of the blue, so we though that we’d share it with you.


Take a look at how we analyse data exported to a CSV file. What software do you have that exports CSV files, and how would you like them analysed? See more about this here.


We have picked 10 of our favourite Excel ‘triumphs’ and put them in this brochure. Take a look and see if any of them will help you.