We have made many video adverts to inspire you to greater things with your spreadsheets. We have put some of our favourite adverts into categories below, take a look and see if they inspire you.

Our first set of adverts are a tongue-in-cheek look at spreadsheets, but as if they were animals in the wild. Here I impersonate a wildlife TV presenter, but go into the ‘office jungle’ to search for the Greater Spreadsheet. The first advert was such a success, that I was prompted to do a second one. Will there be a third? You’ll just have to wait and see.

This video was a tongue-in-cheek parody of the emotional appeals that we often see on TV. Now we realise that often the emotional appeals are about very serious issues, and we don’t mean to mock the issues, we just thought that an advert like that about the ‘abused spreadsheets’ would be amusing. This was also very well received and we are always thinking about a sequel to this one, but we’re not quite ready yet.

So many people use Excel, but so few actually get anything useful out of it, so that is why we made this advert. If you’re using Excel to store data, make lists, do additions, or simply present data, then you need to watch this. We warn you though, it gets quite emotional.

Then we have some straight forward ‘here is what we can offer you’ adverts. Sometimes you need clever adverts, sometimes you need funny adverts, and then other times you just need to come out and say what you can do for people, these are in the last category.

If you don’t want to be entertained, but you just want to know what we can do to help you, then these are the ones to watch. They are all short, simple and to the point.

We then did a documentary about a cricket game which we made using Excel. This is either the most niche documentary ever, or it is an inspiration to business owners. This isn’t just a video for cricket enthusiasts, it is actually just to show business owners what is possible when using Excel, to open up their minds to possibilities.

If you’re a business owner, watch this. If you’re a cricket fan, you may get some extra excitement from watching this, but don’t skip it if you’re not.

If we can do this using Excel, imagine what we can do for your business.

This video was made for our online store. We spent so much time creating marketing content to let people know that we made custom Excel spreadsheets, but we didn’t inform them that we actually had a range of ready made spreadsheets that they could just purchase. We decided to go with ‘spreadsheets off the rack’ as a marketing slogan.

Here is a very simple advert which I shot to market this new online store.

If you know what you need a spreadsheet to do, and you want something that is ready to go, then take a look at what we have to offer in our store. Even if you end up taking something custom-made, this may be a good starting point.

We have also made some ‘image’ based adverts, where we use a slide-show type of approach with words or music set over it. Here are two examples of such an advert, one more serious than the other, but both make the point which we are trying to make.

I then ran out of ideas for adverts. I had done the clever ones, I had done the ‘this is what we do’ ones, and I had done the funny ones. What was left? Then I received a cracking referral letter from a client, and I realised that people may not actually fully appreciate what affect a custom-made spreadsheet can actually have on their business.

I gave up the idea of an advert, and decided to just sit in front of the camera and explain what I was proposing. That is how this ‘non-advert’ advert was born. If that term confuses you, and you’d like to know what that is, take a look.

I wanted to make some comparisons between every day tasks, and how they could be related to doing your admin with or without a spreadsheet. One of these adverts (the black and white one) went on to get mentioned in a blog post about creative advertising! The Facebook version of that advert, reached a record number of people. It is one of our oldest adverts, but still one of our favourite.

I have also made some ‘face-the-camera’ videos, one for #SmallBizSatUK and to debunk some incorrect myths about spreadsheets. This type of video is not so much to sell products, but more to educate people or give them an alternative opinion about something. Take a look.

Well that is all the video adverts we have for you, if you’d like to see some more videos, we do have these others for you on other pages of the website.