Most of our clients are so impressed by the solutions that we deliver that they come back to us with very positive feedback. We’ve got video testimonials, written testimonials, thank you letters, and case studies. Watch the video below, and download a wonderful letter that a client sent to us (without us asking) and then use the links below to see some more testimonials or case studies.


What our clients say

I would estimate that thanks to our bespoke spreadsheet we are now in position to win tens of thousands of pounds worth of contracts by the end of this year alone that we wouldn’t have done otherwise.

Richard spent a lot of time understanding what we wanted to achieve and went on to build a bespoke spreadsheet that does everything we need and more and will save us so much time!

Richard is able to breathe simplicity into a technical problem to allow us to solve the conundrum together using bespoke spreadsheets.

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Case study feedback

I found the programme user friendly and logical to use. In all this “letter creating programme” has saved me precious time and I have no doubt that I shall be making good use of it again and again.

An absolutely brilliant bit of kit that keep the business performing to their best. I don’t know how we survived without this previously! Thank You Spreadsheet Solutions!!

That list shows us vital data from each project, on one sheet, all colour coded. That means that we can open it up and see any ‘problem areas’ at a glance.

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In their own words…

Still need more convincing?

Download the PDF letter which a client sent to us, to see what they had to say to us, and what they have to say to you.