We create custom (and standard) spreadsheets for businesses of all sizes. Our spreadsheets bridge the gap between doing it yourself in Excel, and programmed software. Take a look through the various links below, to see what is possible, and then get in touch about your own spreadsheet. If you require someone to put your spreadsheet to good use, we now provide a virtual assistance service too. If you’re wondering if we can help, just get in touch and ask.

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I don't know if a custom spreadsheet can help me

We have some broken our projects down into solution types to help you understand what we can do for you.We create custom Excel spreadsheets for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and we rarely come across someone who we can’t help. If you would like to see some examples of what can be done, take a look at our online store where you can test all the products, or get your hands on one of our free downloads. You could also read our 30 problems solved using Excel page, or download one of our brochures which include some case studies. Otherwise if all else fails, get in contact with us, we would love to chat to you about this.

I want to make the spreadsheet myself

Not only do we make spreadsheets, we also train you how to make your own. We have two options. You can take a look at our DIY videos, where we have training videos ranked in difficulty order. If these are not enough, we do offer custom Excel training. We don’t have a standard curriculum, we ask what you would like to learn to do, and then we teach you accordingly. Just contact us to find out more. This is one to one custom training.

I want someone to make a spreadsheet for me

This is the main service which we provide, we create custom made Excel spreadsheets for our clients. All you need to do is decide whether you need a custom made solution, or if one of our ready made store products will do the job. If you need a custom made solution, or some further help, please do contact us. If you’re not sure if what you want can be done, rather give us a shout, and we’ll let you know.

I want to know why I should use Spreadsheet Solutions

If you know what you need (or if you don’t), but you’re wondering why to use Spreadsheet Solutions, why not start by taking a look at our testimonial video. If that is not enough, we have some written testimonials too. Some people are hesitant to get in touch, as they don’t know what to expect. To put your mind at ease, we have laid out the process which you can expect if you take on our services, and some more reasons why to use us. If you’re local, and would like to meet us first, please take a look at some networking events which we attend.

I need someone to do the work using the spreadsheet

We offer a virtual assistant service for using Excel spreadsheets. If you have a spreadsheet which you want us to work with, we are happy to review it and offer any potential upgrades. Whether we use your spreadsheet, or provide you with a new one, our virtual assistant can do the work for you. If you do opt for the review option, it may even reduce the workload to the point where you would feel comfortable using it yourself. Either way, please do contact us.

I'm just here to get my hands on some free resources

No harm in that, we all like to get free stuff. If you’re looking to learn more about what you can do with Excel, then take a look at our DIY training video selection. If you’re here for free spreadsheets, you can find them in our download section. If you would like to try before you buy, then you can get free trial versions of our store products. If you’re local and would like to attend a free networking event, why not join us at one which we attend.

Custom Solutions

Custom Software

Why we use Excel to create custom business software.

Simple Spreadsheets

Get your own custom made spreadsheets. This is what we do.

Spreadsheet Upgrades

Send us your spreadsheets and let us renew or upgrade them.

Analysing Data

Custom spreadsheets to analyse your CSV downloads or data.

Standard Solutions

We often get asked for very similar products, from various clients, so we have made some ‘standard’ options. There is no need to think about what you may require. Simply find the product that will help you, and buy it. You can watch demo videos, download PDF brochures, or even get a free trial version for each product, in order to see if it will meet your needs. If it does, simply purchase the product as it is. Click the trolley icon to visit the store.



Take a look at our written testimonials.

Case Studies

Take a look at some of our case studies.


Types of Solutions

Some examples of solutions that we have provided.

30 Problems Solved

30 Business problems which we have solved using Excel.

Admin Services

Need us to put your spreadsheets to good use?

Why Use Us

See why you should use us, and what to expect price-wise.

Custom Training

If you need specialised one to one Excel training.

Business Advice

If you either require, or you are, a business consultant.

About Us

Richard Sumner – Owner & Director

Richard Sumner

Richard Sumner

Owner and Director of Spreadsheet Solutions

Richard is the Founder and Managing Director of Spreadsheet Solutions. He is dad to Liam (born April 2017) and a husband to Wendy (since December 2004). He has had many project management and sales based jobs in the past, and has used Excel in all of them, to develop custom made software. Richard realised that custom made software is unavailable to most businesses, so he used Excel to create his own custom software, to help him better manage his business processes. He then decided to use this developed skill to help other business owners. He started Spreadsheet Solutions so that you can have access to custom business software that is affordable and easy to use.

Wendy Sumner – Administration Manager & Director

Wendy Sumner

Wendy Sumner

Virtual Assistant and Director of Spreadsheet Solutions

Wendy is the Virtual Assistant, and a Director, of Spreadsheet Solutions. She is mum to Liam (born April 2017) and a wife to Richard (since December 2004). She started her career as a legal secretary and eventually moved into the geology field, but still as a secretary. Many years of administration work, attention to detail, and developing various related skills, has put Wendy into the ideal position to undertake this role. Being highly efficient and organised, Wendy is the ideal person to put Richard’s custom spreadsheets to good use. Her skills are not limited to Excel, she is also an accurate touch typist.

Contact Us

We are based in Beckenham, Kent, which is in South East Greater London (UK) zone 4. We service people mainly within Greater London zones 1 to 6, but with the use of Skype in order to establish what is required, we can help people all over the world if required. We have helped many people without actually meeting them in person, thanks to Skype, emails and phone calls. So if you require our services, please contact us.


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Download some free spreadsheets.

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DIY Videos

Learn how to do your own spreadsheets.

Spreadsheet Improvement

5 Video series showing how you can improve your spreadsheets.

Social Media Analysis

Analyse your social media accounts.

Case Studies

See some of the projects we have already done.


Join our just and noble cause to save the spreadsheet.

Good Practice

How to make sure that you don’t ruin your spreadsheets.

What can we do for you?

Now that you have seen what we offer, you no doubt have some ideas of how we can help you and your business. For a no-obligation chat, please contact us in order to confirm what custom solution would best suit you.