Getting in touch with someone about a purpose-built spreadsheet may be intimidating, so we want to tell you what to expect, so there are no surprises. Obviously with custom products, this process is not always followed to the letter, but this is the usual process that we follow. Have a look at some reasons to use us, and then you can go through the usual stages below, and see what to expect.

If you’re still in doubt, please give us a call and we will happily explain what is involved. You can also use the Contact Us page to connect with us on LinkedIn, where you can get to know a little more about us.

✓ Custom spreadsheets and virtual assistance working hand in hand.

✓ Increase productivity, lighten workload, and automate processes.

✓ Get more out of your spreadsheets.

✓ Bespoke software solutions made specifically for your business.

✓ Passionate and approachable husband and wife team.

✓ We genuinely want to create the right solution for you.

Get in touch with us via your preferred method

Use out Contact Us page to get in touch using your preferred method. That could be by filling in the online form, sending us an email, or simply picking up the phone and calling.

If we need to reply, we will do so, with a plan to arrange a meeting (if required).

We can then set up a virtual meeting or phone call to find out what you need

We usually like to set up some form of meeting. Usually online (Teams, Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts), but sometimes in person (if close enough) or on the phone. It depends on the complexity of the spreadsheet.

We can schedule this meeting for a mutually suitable time. It will usually be Richard that will meet with you.

What to expect in the meeting

I simply chat about what you need, but we usually cover these requirements.

  1. What you want input into the spreadsheet (data from other sources or manually entered).
  2. What you want the spreadsheet to do for you.
  3. What you want the spreadsheet to produce with regards to automated reports. Essentially what you want to learn from the data entered.

What I ask will largely depend on what you need, but it is usually about what goes into the spreadsheet, and what you want to come out. If you have an existing spreadsheet or process that you follow, that would be useful to have available for me to see.

The meetings usually last between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the complexity of the spreadsheet.

I'll then submit a quote

Once I understand what you need, I will usually give you a quote for the project (unless we discuss an hourly rate for the odd project), and this will state what I plan to do for you. It will also include a price for the project.

It’s impossibly to let you know now how much the quote will be, but most projects (for a single spreadsheet) range between £200 and £2000. Most of the fairly complex spreadsheets range between £600 and £1400, but that is just a rough guideline.

Once we’ve spoken, I’ll submit a no-obligation quote, and you can decide if you want to proceed or not.

You then choose to accept the quote or not

You can then choose whether to accept the quote or not. If you’re happy, and decide to proceed, I will then invoice you as per the instructions on the quote. If you don’t proceed, you will not be charged anything.

If the quote is incorrect, or you have a higher or lower budget, I will be happy to correct it or change the specs to fit into your budget. We can the proceed from there.

I will then make the spreadsheet

If you choose to proceed, I will then go ahead and make the spreadsheet. I will let you know before hand how long it should take to build.

As an estimate, the time spent to make a spreadsheet is usually day or weeks, rather than months. There may be a short wait for me to start making it, but when I start it usually goes quite quickly. If you let me know all I need to know, you won’t be waiting months for your new spreadsheet.

I may get in touch periodically to ask specific questions as they arise. It’s impossible to cover every detail at the start, so I often ask questions during the build. This is usually in the form of an email or a call if need be.

When your new spreadsheet is ready

When your spreadsheet is ready, I’ll get in touch to let you now. I’ll send it to you, so that you can test it out.

We could well meet again (virtually) at this point, where I can show you how the spreadsheet works. You can record this session for future use if you wish.

If I have forgotten anything, or there are any snags, I will correct those.

If you wish to add anything (now or later) I will quote you for the additional changes (often minor changes do not occur an extra charge). You are no means bound to the first draft of the spreadsheet, sometimes using the spreadsheet will highlight desired changes, so I am happy to discuss these at any stage.

Using your spreadsheet

If at any stage you damage your spreadsheet, feel free to get in touch and I will help you.

There will be a link on your spreadsheet to show you how to best use it, or what do do if you do damage it, but if all else fails I will be happy to help.

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