About Excel Mosaic Art

I have very little artistic ability, but I am very good with Excel. I also need to push myself and Excel, to see what is possible and how much I can get out of it. When I make business spreadsheets, I want to make Excel do what my client needs it to do and not just what others think it can do, so I set myself side projects such as this one. This helps me to develop skills to better help my clients.

This time I set myself the target to create images in Excel. I could use 250 x 250 (62,500) very small cells, and I could colour each one in using one of 210 colours. I do this not using artistic ability (which is good, just ask anyone who’s ever been on my Pictionary team), but logic, maths, and Excel know-how.

All of these images are created in this way 250 x 250 coloured cells to make each image, scroll through and take a look.

Would you like to order your own image as Excel Art? We do custom images like this based on your photo. If you’d like one made, please place an order. We charge £30 per image. Your image will be like the ones shown above, but with the image from your own photo.

African Sunset

Angela Boxem

Autumn Leaves

Bald Eagle

Beach in Wales

Big Ben & Churchill


Bodiam Castle


Church in Cardiff

Church in Lincoln

Colourful Bird

Dolphins in Flight

Emma Eyre

Father & Son

Jona Hysa

Lighthouse Shadows

Lincoln Cathedral

Lioness Lying Down


London Bridge

NZ Beach

Old Trafford


Royal Guards

Royal Guards

Table Mountain



Winnie the Pooh

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