Imagine using a virtual assistant who has the backing of powerful Excel knowledge. Imagine a virtual assistant who can often do the work much faster and more accurately than expected, because they use purpose-built spreadsheets to do the work. Well imagine no longer, because that is exactly what we do.

We combine strong spreadsheet-building skills with methodical administrative skills to bring you a powerfully productive solution.

We have two main ways of doing this, however we do tackle each job as unique, finding the right solution for you.

Purchase a spreadsheet and pay for fewer hours

We make you a spreadsheet which will reduce the hours spent by the virtual assistant, and quote you for each service. The spreadsheet will be a once-off fee, and the virtual assistance possibly an ongoing fee. Buying the spreadsheet will then mean that the ongoing cost will be reduced. We will even inform you how much time will be saved, in some extreme cases we have even seen a time saving of over 90%, just by making one spreadsheet to use.

Get the spreadsheet for free, and pay the normal VA fee

In this option we make a bespoke spreadsheet for you, which we don’t charge you for. We simply use the spreadsheet, and charge for the hours which we would have used if we didn’t have the spreadsheet. You don’t pay any extra for the spreadsheet, but still get the benefits of us using it.

Benefits of Our Approach


More accurate work

You’ll be surprised how many errors can be avoided with good templates.

More consistent results

The template will keep on producing the same solution, keeping our service at the highest level.

Quicker turn-around times

You get your results sooner.

Bespoke solutions

We make the spreadsheet specifically for your requirements.

Examples of Types of Administration Work Done

We know that administration is a broad term, so we want to give you some examples of the work which we currently undertake, as well as some other options which we would gladly take on. Please don’t limit us to what you see below, if you need anything done in Excel (or even Word), please get in touch. We are happy to use the spreadsheet which you have made (if required) or discuss making one for you, please just get in touch if you think we can help. If you would like to see some of the ways in which we currently assist our clients, take a look at these examples:

Data Analysis

Businesses run on data, and yours is no different. The question is, do you know what your data is telling you? If not, we can help. Let us know what data you would like analysed, and how you want it reported, and let us do the rest. What data can we analyse? Anything, really, from social media analytics to energy usage. You let us have your data, tell us what you would like to know about it, and leave the rest to us.

Data Collection

We have been asked to access information from the internet, and capture the details in a spreadsheet. This usually relates to products and prices, but we are open to suggestions. What data do you need collected? What about a report of the collected data? These are all things that we can do. Please note that we do not collect contact lists of potential clients. We are GDPR compliant, so we do not deal with such data.

HR Data Management

We are not HR specialists, but we do the administration around HR management. For example, we have a 360 Staff Appraisal product. If you need someone to collect the various responses from the various appraisers, and consolidate the data into one staff appraisal report, we can do that. Many smaller businesses use an HR consultant who takes care of the HR requirements, but miss the fact that there is an administration role missing between you and the HR consultant (e.g. capturing sick days, collecting timesheets, etc.). We can undertake such tasks and produce the reports for the HR professional.

Document Creation

If you don’t need Excel work done, but you do need letters typed up, that is no problem. We primarily focus on spreadsheets, but our administration team are trained typists, and have no problem typing up letters and documents using Word. If you need a spreadsheet created, then you really do need to get in touch, as that is our main line of work.

Spreadsheet Population

If you have an existing spreadsheet, which you need to populate with information on a regular basis, why not get us to do it? We would be happy to input the required data (provided we have access to it) and supply you with the populated spreadsheet as required. We will even review the spreadsheet and advise if it can be improved.

Standard Administration Services

We don’t just offer bespoke solutions, we also have some ‘standard’ solutions that we offer other people, and have the templates already set up. If any of these are of interest to you, why not get on board and enjoy the same results that our other clients receive?

Data Analysis

HR Admin Support

Google Analytics Report

Google Search Console Report