Here’s what people have to say about

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and the spreadsheets we make.

Many of our new clients come from LinkedIn and referrals on LinkedIn. we often ask for recommendations there.

Here are some of the responses from people who have used our services.

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We often get contacted by client, telling us how happy they are with the spreadsheets we have made for them. Each client realising how much more productive our spreadsheet solutions make their processes. Here are some of the responses we have received so far.

We have been working with Richard on a number of initiatives in relation to retail management and overall business development. This relationship was born out of a company-wide frustration of playing with API’s in which we regularly found inconsistencies in data. Richard has enabled us to create a methodical and accurate system for reporting in a number of key business areas including purchasing and accounting. The team have grown very fond of Richard for the simplicity he is able to breathe into a technical problem to allow us to solve the conundrum together. This along with his friendly manner and fast turn around times on projects means the team are coming up with more innovative spreadsheet solutions all the time!
Please do not hesitate to contact us for a verbal reference.


Director, Go2Games

We were looking for a bespoke quoting system for managing our prospects and Richard suggested that excel might be a good solution as it is flexible and great value for money. Richard spent a lot of time understanding what we wanted to achieve and went on to build a bespoke excel document that does everything we need and more and will save us so much time! Very happy customer, highly recommend Richard for all your Excel needs!


Director, Bells Accounting

Our project involved developing a complex set of interactive pricing models based on time & motion studies for the cleaning industry. Richard’s end product has paid for itself within two months, and enabled our business to open a significant gap from our competitors, and perhaps even pioneer the entire industry in this particular field. I would estimate that thanks to Richard and his expertise we are now in position to win tens of thousands of pounds worth of contracts by the end of this year alone that we wouldn’t have done otherwise.


Director, Dublcheck Cleaning

I was close to investing in some project management software, which would have had to be customised for my business. At first I didn’t see excel as the solution, but I was wrong…
Richard has created a document that tracks due dates, allocates tasks and adjusts dates according to when a task is completed – it also shows a dashboard which gives me a headline view of the status of a project and where we are with it. Richard challenged my thinking with my best interests at heart and quickly produced a first class project management solution for me. Not only have I now got a bespoke project management solution, but I’ve also saved myself money by not buying one off the shelf and having to customise it.


Director, Make Me Local

We found Spreadsheet Solutions online, and met with Richard in order to discuss a new Project Dashboard spreadsheet which we required. He was professional in his approach, and he has created exactly what we wanted, including some bespoke charts. We have made many changes in order to customise the spreadsheet to our exact requirements, and Richard has been quick to make the changes that we have requested. We have been so impressed with Spreadsheet Solutions, that we plan to do further projects with them, and we would be happy to recommend them to any other businesses that require custom spreadsheets.

David Huxley

Graham Construction

Our bespoke CRM system has helped us fully understand the position of cases being handled by our admin team. It keeps us updated with all the latest movements and helps with the tracking, managing and progressing of all active and non-active client cases.
The CRM keeps the whole business group informed and therefore aids us in our decision making in how to progress next and when invoices are due. There is also the facility to view up to date reports on the health of the business, which helps us create more effective business strategies and streamline operations.
An absolutely brilliant bit of kit that keep the business performing to their best – I don’t know how we survived without this previously!
Thank You Spreadsheet Solutions!!


Owner, JMS Group

I have used Spreadsheet Solutions twice to produce bespoke products, once for my own business and once for a client. On both occasions Richard has been extremely easy to work with, has understood the results that were needed and produced robust products that have continued to work for a number of years. I have no hesitation in recommending Richard, he is fast and reliable.

Nick Moore

Director, ACCEDAR Business Coaching

Even though we didn’t meet face to face, Spreadsheet Solutions were professional in capturing our vision and creating the diagnostic tool which we required. They provided a very professional and flexible service to create a great tool which I am sure will benefit our clients also.


Director, E-Trinity Consultancy

Richard has produced for me a number of people related spreadsheet documents which would be an asset to SME’s and larger organisations, in particular the 360 degree appraisal which can be found on his website. Richard quickly understands the brief and is able to turnaround your requirements at amazing speed. I would highly recommend Spreadsheet Solutions to assist your business.


Director, Supportivity

Thanks Spreadsheet Solutions. The spreadsheet you designed for our business has helped a lot. Before we had your improved version, we were quite disorganised. It has saved us a lot of time, and we know exactly where we are with all our enquiries and prospective clients. We will also be able to adapt it as needed when we get busier. Thank you very much, we have recommended your services to several people and will continue to do so.

Monster Merchandising

Richard created something simple yet effective, which gives us more of an understanding of our current project situation. Being productive is far easier when you can visualise your work load. He was also quick to make adjustments and additions when we required them. Good value for money.

Leland Music

Now that you have seen what our clients have to say, what do you require? You could be the next satisfied client to send us a sparkling referral. Contact us with your requirements, we will be happy to discuss some options with you.

Here’s what people have to say about

Focus 4 Growth Logo

and the spreadsheets we make.

I asked some of our clients the following questions:

  1. What made you come to me for a spreadsheet?
  2. What spreadsheet did I make for you?
  3. How has that spreadsheet helped you?
  4. Why would you recommend Spreadsheet Solutions to others?

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