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Training for specific functions and formulas

If you’re keen to do your own spreadsheets, you’re in the right place. We have some videos below, which will show you how to do some functions and formulas for yourself. If the solution below is not enough for you, get in touch with us for a bespoke solution. If you’re looking to do your own simple solutions, then watch the videos below, and try it out for yourself. We will add new videos periodically.

The videos below are all rated with a difficulty rating, so you can easily see how they compare when deciding which ones to watch. Once you have watched a few videos, you should get an idea of what type of videos fall in each category. The colour ratings are as follows:

Gold – These videos are the most difficult of the videos. We don’t post any really difficult videos, but the gold ones will be the most difficult of what we post. Usually containing nested formulas and more complicated applications.

Silver – Middle of the road difficulty. If you used Excel often, and are familiar with formulas, you should be alright with these. Watch one silver video, and then you can judge for yourself.

Bronze – These are for beginners. Even if you have never done a formula before, these videos tend to show you simple things that you can do with Excel, and some really basic formulas.

Just click on any of the headers below to reveal that video. The numbers in brackets indicate when that video was released, so the higher the number, the newer the video.

Filtered Drop Down Lists (20)

Highlighting Duplicates (15)

Lookup (Horizontal) (18)

Lookup (Vertical) (3)

Rank Function Alternative (11)

Ranking Numbers (4)

Range Lookup (V & H) (19)

Categorise Sales (2)

Client Follow-Up Alert (1)

Conditional Formatting - Formula (10)


Basic Conditional Formatting (9)

Creating a Drop Down List (8)

Different Paste Options (6)

Filters & Sorter (16)

Fixed Cell References (7)

Formatting Phone Numbers (21)
Freeze Panes (12)

Locking Cells & Protection (5)

Merging (or Splitting) Cells (14)

Totalling Monetary Values (17)

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