LinkedIn Content Dashboard

Spreadsheet Solutions - LinkedIn Content Dashboard

Use your CSV data from your LinkedIn profile, to populate this handy 12 month dashboard.

Advent Calendar

Spreadsheet Solutions - Merry Christmas Gifts

It’s an advent calendar that you open in Excel, but instead of getting choccies, you get a YouTube video showing you how to make better spreadsheets, one step at a time.

Crack the Code (Military-style Puzzle Game)
Crack the Code - Military-themed Puzzle Game
Play this military-styles puzzle game when you have to work out the correct attack combination to lead to a successful mission.

LinkedIn Connection Growth Report

LinkedIn Connection Growth Report

If you use LinkedIn, you can download your connections data, and use that in this spreadsheet to create an informative connections report.

Children’s Maths Game

Spreadsheet Solutions - Children's Maths Game

If you have young children, and want to teach them basic maths and computer skills, then this may help you and them.

LinkedIn Business Page Activity Report

LinkedIn Business Page Activity Report

Download the analytics data from your LinkedIn Business page, dump it into this spreadsheet, and then see the results of your content based on your criteria!

Currency Converter & Updater

Spreadsheet Solutions - Currency Converter & Updater

If you have pricelists from suppliers from other countries, and you want to easily convert some currencies. This is for you. Convert from one currency to another, or update an existing currency based on an old and new exchange rate.

Football Team Season Comparison

Spreadsheet Solutions - Football Team Season Comparison

If you support an English football team (who were in the same league last season), then you can use this spreadsheet to compare this season’s results with the same fixtures from the previous season. This new version lets you edit your own league (up to 24 teams) and update it for each new season. Watch the demo video for more info.

Meal Manager & Calorie Report

Spreadsheet Solutions - Meal Manager & Calorie Report

If you’re a home user or restaurant owner, use this to assign ingredients to meals, plan meals, and then produce shopping lists. Keep on top of costs and calories.

A good example of a stock management system if you need one.

Detailed Home Budget

Spreadsheet Solutions - Detailed Home Budget

If you’d like to set yourself a personal budget, and then monitor your income and expense, then this spreadsheet is for you. it goes into some detail, but is easy to set up and use. we hope that this helps you.

UK Data Plotter

Spreadsheet Solutions - UK Data Plotter

Plot some information on a map of the UK. You choose what colour, and a radius in miles. This map does not use any external sources, and has no macros. A basic solution, but a clever one.

Workload Calculator

Spreadsheet Solutions - Workload Calculator

If you have a micro business or are a sole trader, this may help. Fill in your working habits, and your list of current jobs with some details, and the spreadsheet will show you when your current workload is likely to end. If you want an idea of your workload and how long it will take, then this may help.

Giving Tracker
Spreadsheet Solutions - Giving Tracker
If you give money to charities, it’s nice to know how much you’ve given, where the money has gone, and more importantly, what the money has done. This spreadsheet helps you to do all that. As you do give money to others, we would like to give this spreadsheet to you at no cost.
Hourly Rate Calculator
Spreadsheet Solutions - Hourly Rate Calculator
You need to calculate what you need to make, based on the hours you plan to work. You need to do this BEFORE looking at industry rates and what others are charging. This spreadsheet could help you.
Mental Wellbeing Tracker
Spreadsheet Solutions - Mental Wellbeing Tracker
I often find that a decline of one’s mental health often happens over time. You don’t realise what is happening, and then wake up one morning and realise that you’re in a very unhelpful mental place. This is a very simple spreadsheet to help you monitor that.
Running Fundraiser Report
Spreadsheet Solutions - Running Fundraiser Report
I often see people running for charity. They set themselves a total target distance, and then set off on various runs over a period of time, to complete the total distance. This spreadsheet helps you to monitor your progress, as well as do a screenshot of the current report to post on social media.

Raffle List & Random Draw

Spreadsheet Solutions - Raffle List & Random Draw
I often see people running competitions on social media, or selling raffle tickets to win prizes. Not only do they struggle to keep a comprehensive list of who is in with a chance to win, but then they need random number generators to do the draw. Here’s a solution.
Spreadsheet Pin-Art Template
Spreadsheet Solutions - Spreadsheet Pin Art Template
People asked how I made pin art in Excel and could I teach them how to do so. They are quite complicated to do, so I did some of the heavy lifting here, so that you could make them easier. You can now let your creativity flow, and make some creations of your own.
Currency Trading Game
Spreadsheet Solutions - Currency Trading Game
Ever since I did my first currency change to travel, I have been hooked, so I made this game for fun. If you would like to play the game, and see how much money you can make, then this game is for you. No actual real money changes hands, but you can have some bragging rights if you beat your mates.
Bird Watching Analysis
Spreadsheet Solutions - Bird Watching Analysis
So, you’re going on holiday to go birdwatching. Firstly, you need a list of the birds you plan to see, you’d also like to know which of them are lifers, and then you want to mark off which birds you saw each day while on your holiday. This is for you.
Birding Lifer List
Spreadsheet Solutions - Birding Life List
Apparently bird-watchers have a thing called a ‘lifer’. A complete list of birds that they have seen or wish to see, and when they see a new one, they are quick to tell everyone that they saw a ‘lifer’ (at least my dad is). This spreadsheet helps you to keep a list of your ‘lifers’ and lets you state which region you’ve seen each one.

Weightloss & BMI Calculator

Spreadsheet Solutions - Weight Loss & BMI Calculator

Dieting can be rubbish, and if you are actively looking to lose weight, you need to know your weight. One of the most uplifting sights can be the new, lower weight on the scale. This spreadsheet lets you set your weight and weight-loss goals, and then monitor how you are doing each week.

Golf Scorecard Manager
Spreadsheet Solutions - Golf Scorecard Manager
We’re not keen golfers, in fact we don’t know much about it at all. We have however made this spreadsheet to show off your scores. Most keen golfers are always telling people about their rounds, so this spreadsheet allows you to fill in your scores and it makes some handy reports to show you how you have done each round and how it compares with the others.
Utilities Tracker
Spreadsheet Solutions - Utilities Tracker
Energy suppliers and third party comparison websites will manipulate data quote against ‘future’ prices in order to confuse you and show you inflated savings. If you want to be in control, and you want to know how your new contract compares to the old one, then download this spreadsheet for free and put it to use.Enter your energy readings each month, and then use YOUR data to determine your new price in order to compare to the old price.

Shopping Share Calculator

Spreadsheet Solutions - Shopping Share Calculator
This was made during the Coronavirus outbreak, when you struggled to get grocery deliveries, and many people were forced to stay at home. Many neighbours were adding essential items to their neighbour’s grocery deliveries, in order to make sure that they didn’t run out. The neighbour would then add some items to their list. This spreadsheet keeps track of who owes what to who.
Time to Now Calculator
Spreadsheet Solutions - Time to Now Calculator
Have you ever wondered how old you are in seconds, or how many hours old your child is? This will help you to know. Yes, it may not be important, but it is interesting to find out, so we have this free calculator to show you the times. If you’re curious about how old you or someone else is, use this simple tool to find out.
Networking Referral Database
Spreadsheet Solutions - Networking Referral Database
This spreadsheet serves as a database of people you have met networking, it then categorises people to make referrals easier, and then collects the data from referrals to report on the relative success of the various networking groups. If you collect names while networking, this is for you.
6 Nations Schedule
Spreadsheet Solutions - 6 Nations Schedule
All 6 Nations fans will watch the matches with excitement, and many will try and predict the results. This is for individuals who want to predict the matches, follow the games and results, and then see how accurate their predictions were at the end of the tournament. If you’re a rugby fan, and you’re going to watch the 6 Nations, download this.
Ashes Office Sweepstake
Spreadsheet Solutions - Ashes Office Sweepstake
All Ashes fans will watch the matches with excitement, and many will try and predict which players will perform. Why not get a group of people together to predict the Ashes starts, and then use this spreadsheet to track who is more accurate, and who tops the leader board at the end of the series.
Filler Task List
Spreadsheet Solutions - Filler Task List
I often find that I am concentrating on the projects on the go, and forget the odd tasks that aren’t covered by the project management software. This list is ideal to keep that list of tasks, prioritise them, and then get to them one at a time.
Rugby World Cup Office Sweepstake
Spreadsheet Solutions - Rugby World Cup Office Sweepstake
All rugby fans will watch the matches with excitement, and many will try and predict the results. Why not get a group of people together to predict the results, and then use this spreadsheet to track who is more accurate, and who tops the leader board at the end of the tournament.
6 Nations Office Sweepstake
Spreadsheet Solutions - 6 Nations Office Sweepstake
All 6 Nations fans will watch the matches with excitement, and many will try and predict the results. Why not get a group of people together to predict the results, and then use this spreadsheet to track who is more accurate, and who tops the leader board at the end of the tournament.
LinkedIn Connection Report
Spreadsheet Solutions - LinkedIn Connection Report
Sending connection requests on LinkedIn can be a boring process, and sometimes you can lose heart because your connections list doesn’t seem to be growing. This spreadsheet uses a data download from your LinkedIn account to show you how many new connections you have made each month. Not only that, but it also shows you how many connections have changed their job description since the last data update.
Activity Allocator
Spreadsheet Solutions - Activity Allocator
It very simply aids you in establishing what it is important, and what you want to spend your time doing. Simply assign various tasks to parts of your day, to create a schedule for what to do when. It is not rocket science, but it does keep you focussed on what you deem important.
Google Search Console Page Report
Spreadsheet Solutions - Google Search Console Page Report
Google search console is a very powerful and useful tool, but it can be confusing as there is so much data. Simply use the data exported from your Google Search Console, and then select 20 pages to view, and see how they compare. This is a useful tool to see which of your website pages are more popular, and therefore what works and what may not.
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