As well as making spreadsheets the owner of Spreadsheet Solutions, Richard Sumner, has also written some eBooks. Some to do with spreadsheets, some to do with how spreadsheets can help your business, and some to do with all aspects of business. Here are the links to all the available eBooks. Some are free to download, and some can be purchased.

40 Facets of Starting & Growing a Business

This is a book which covers many aspects of business and gives you a brief introduction and overview of each. Ideal for new business owners or those looking to grow their business beyond the early years.

Buy Our Useful Business Book

FREE Guide to Making Better Spreadsheets

People learn how to use Excel, and then they tend to over-complicate their spreadsheets and miss the basics. Here we show you what simple practices most people forget, which can improve your spreadsheets.

Free Guide to Making Better Spreadsheets

50 Business Solutions Using Spreadsheets – FREE eBook

We’ve made so many spreadsheets over the years, and this book shows you all aspects of business, and how a well made spreadsheet can help in each one. 

50 Business Solutions - Free eBook