40 Facets of Starting & Growing a Business

A Practical Guide for Start-ups and Growing Businesses

Here’s the introduction in the book:

You may be wondering who I am, why I wrote a book, and why I’m qualified to help you to start and run a business. My name is Richard Sumner, and I started a business called Spreadsheet Solutions, where I made custom spreadsheets for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Not just financial spreadsheets, but solutions to tackle all aspects of business. This not only gives me a broad overview of business in general, but a good overview of many types of businesses. This is not why I wrote this book though. The reason for the book is because I struggled with so many things when I started my business. There are resources around that go into detail about all aspects of business, but I found very few that would tackle a wide range of business concerns and give an overview on each. That is what this book is about. I want to give you an overview on many business concerns, so that you are aware of them and have a starting point if you wish to find out more about any aspect. This book won’t solve all of your problems, but it will hopefully give you an insight into all areas of your business, and point you in the right direction to ask the right questions so that you can answer all of your business questions. I spent years getting stuff wrong, so it took me longer than needed to grow my business. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes, so I’ve put down all these suggestions in a book. Each chapter deals with a different business aspect, so read through, skip what you don’t need, and come back to the parts that you do need as you need them.

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Beautifully written exploration of the myriad of tasks and actions associated with setting up your own business.

Richard goes into just enough detail on each subject to inform you and keep you interested to keep reading.

If you are thinking about setting up your own business for the first time this is a great guide, and if you have already taken the leap, its an excellent resource to help you grow and improve.

Russell Farmer

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