Are you tired of inefficient spreadsheets, or struggling to do tasks manually, but you just don’t have the time or skills to create the right spreadsheet to do the job?

Creating spreadsheets without the right skills and experience can be an incredibly lengthy and frustrating process, and you still may not achieve what you need.

This is an excellent opportunity to outsource this task to a professional, to get the most out of your spreadsheets. We use our extensive Excel knowledge to create purpose-built, exclusive spreadsheets for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Outsource spreadsheet creation

✓ Better and more efficient spreadsheets

✓ Saving internal resources for other tasks

✓ Our experience and Excel knowledge

✓ Quicker turn around times

✓ Advice to maximise efficiency

✓ Flexible to suit most budgets

✓ Tailor-made solutions to fit your business

Some solutions provided

✓ Project management

✓ Process tracking

✓ CRM solutions

✓ Staff management

✓ Management dashboards and KPIs

✓ Data and financial analysis

✓ Price calculators and quotes

Added benefits of using Excel

✓ Versatile and powerful applications

✓ More affordable than bespoke software

✓ Quicker and easier to build

✓ Adaptable for future upgrades

✓ Minimal staff training required

✓ Makes use of your Office Suite

✓ Suitable for Excel Online and Sharepoint

How do our bespoke solutions compare with our ready-made solutions? The main reason why we sell more bespoke solutions is that they are tailor-made to your business and requirements.

Here are some of the comparisons between some of our different product ranges.

Product Comparison

Here’s what our clients have said about our bespoke solutions

I would estimate that thanks to our bespoke spreadsheet we are now in position to win tens of thousands of pounds worth of contracts by the end of this year alone that we wouldn’t have done otherwise.

Richard spent a lot of time understanding what we wanted to achieve and went on to build a bespoke spreadsheet that does everything we need and more and will save us so much time!

Richard is able to breathe simplicity into a technical problem to allow us to solve the conundrum together using bespoke spreadsheets.

In their own words…

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Whether you need a brand new solution, or you want to improve your existing spreadsheets, we would love to hear from you. Please use the button to get in touch with us by your preferred contact method.

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