Congratulations on deciding to purchase an image made in a spreadsheet. Please note that we will be in touch for your photo(s) (via email) and then we will make an Excel image based on your image. We may advise if an image is obviously wrong for this project, but we will eventually make the image of your choice. The photos need to be square, and larger than 250 x 250 pixels.Please complete the order form below, and we will be in touch. We charge £30 per image, but if you purchase more than 5, we will charge £25 per image.

In order to purchase this product, we need to send you an invoice and then the spreadsheet. To do that we need to collect some information from you. The contact form below is colour coordinated, and the boxes below can be expanded to see what information we require, and why we need it. If you’re not sure how to complete this form, or need some help, please contact us and we will help you.

What contact details we need and why we need them

NAME: We just need your name so that we know who to address our reply to.

EMAIL ADDRESS: We will email you the invoice and the image(s) via email. We may also need to get hold of you for future updates (if you opt in) or if there are any issues. We will also contact you via email in order to get your photo(s).

CONTACT PHONE NUMBER: You don’t need to give us your number of you don’t want to. If you would prefer a call if we need more information or need to get you a message about your order, give us your contact number. If not, we’ll email you.

What invoice details we need and why we need them

VAT NUMBER: We are NOT currently VAT registered, so we don’t charge VAT, but we will put your VAT number on the invoice if you wish. If you’d like us to do so, please include it here.

LOCATION: We’d just like to know where you are in the world, as the invoices vary from region to region. We don’t need to know exactly where you are, just if you are in the UK, EU, or outside of both.

BUSINESS INVOICE NAME: This is just the name you’d like us to put on the invoice. Usually a business name, but any company name or personal name that you would like us to make the invoice out to.

ADDRESS AND POSTCODE: We need an address on the invoice, that is why we need this address. We will not send you any mail.

VOUCHER CODE: Occasionally, we run promotions, and when we do so we give out voucher codes that expire. If you have such a code, enter it here. Entering a valid code will not show anything here, but will show on the invoice. If you enter an invalid code, we will contact you before sending you the invoice.

What spreadsheet details we need and why we need them

NUMBER OF IMAGES REQUIRED: How many pictures would you like done? Let us know, and then we’ll email you for the photos. Please note that the photos need to be square, and larger than 250 x 250 pixels.

REQUESTS OR NOTES: We often get requests about the required photos and what type of image will work best. We can liaise via email, however if you have any initial questions, please feel free to put them here.

What confirmation details we need and why we need them

ACCEPT OUR T&C: Please note that we will make the image based on the photo sent to us. We will supply the finished product. You can find our full terms and conditions here.

CAPTCHA: You know the deal, with so much spam around, we just want to know that you are in fact a human.

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Accept terms & conditions

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Terms & Conditions

Once the Client has paid Sumcor Ltd trading as Spreadsheet Solutions (from now on referred to as Spreadsheet Solutions), you, the Client accept the images as a complete satisfaction and realisation of the entire Scope of Work, instructions and parameters presented to Spreadsheet Solutions. Client additionally assumes all responsibility and liability for images and holds Spreadsheet Solutions harmless for any liability or damages arising from the use of Spreadsheet Solutions’ images developed by Spreadsheet Solutions. The images will be made from the photo provided using our templates, we may advise if an image is obviously wrong for the art, but seeing as it is subjective, we will provide what you send to us. At no stage will Spreadsheet Solutions refund any money.