Please note that these spreadsheets will soon be discontinued. We are currently creating and testing a single spreadsheet to serve as a Marketing Hub, where you will be able to plan social media content, set unique links for each post, and then monitor social media activity and website clicks down to each post and campaign. As soon as the new spreadsheet is fully tested, we will replace these spreadsheets with the Marketing Hub. It should be some time during the month of June 2020.

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Most businesses use social media, but do we have a plan? Do we know how our social media is performing, and is it achieving our objectives? This is often something which we just don’t know. These spreadsheets are designed to help us find out.

We have created spreadsheets for six different ‘social media’ platforms. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Mailchimp, and Google Analytics (which monitors hits to our websites). So how do these work? They are all designed to accept data which you can export from each of the sites, which show data from your account. Simply download each set of data from each site periodically, copy the data, and then paste the values into the respective spreadsheet. (Just remember to use paste VALUES and not normal paste).

There is also a seventh spreadsheet, which will combine data from each of the five others, and then allow you to assign points to each social media ‘action’. So for example, how do you rate a Facebook like compared to a LinkedIn share? We each need a plan with our social media, and assigning value to each target action, is a good way to help us to determine our plan. Once this is done, the spreadsheet takes all of the actions on all of the sites, and converts them into points. It then compares the points over the year, to give us a good indication as to where we have been successful, and where we need to focus some effort.

So please download any of the spreadsheets you wish, they are all free and have no ‘pay to unlock’ content, although we do ask that you sign up to receive our monthly email newsletter to receive the seventh spreadsheet which compares platforms. Please follow the instructions on each spreadsheet to get the most out of them, and take a look at the demo videos (links on the spreadsheets). You can compare your download to the version shown below, to make sure you have the latest version.

We hope that these really help you.




Version 3.001

A brand new remake of this spreadsheet.


Version 3.001

A brand new remake of this spreadsheet.


Version 3.001

A brand new remake of this spreadsheet.


Version 3.001

A brand new remake of this spreadsheet.


Version 3.001

A brand new remake of this spreadsheet.


Version 3.003

YouTube changed their data export, and no longer provide all the required columns of data with dates. Use the data now without dates, and simply use the month over-ride. It now shows all the data on the 1st of the Month, but the totals are all correct.

The spreadsheets above are all free to download, now sign up to receive our monthly newsletter, and receive the final spreadsheet below. 
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Version 3.002

A brand new remake of this spreadsheet. Dates on setup page fixed so that your selected dates are used.

If you’re wondering how the final spreadsheet works, take a look at this demo video, where we explain how all of these spreadsheets work together to give you an overall view of your social media.

You don’t need to use all of the social media spreadsheets to use the final spreadsheet, but you will need to use at least two of them to compare, one if you just want to see the points.

If you’d like to get this spreadsheet with our compliments, please sign up to receive our monthly newsletter.

Using Spreadsheets as Business Software

If you need a bespoke solution to help manage your marketing, or if you would like to see more about how a bespoke spreadsheet can serve as business software, watch this video. We will show you our own Business Hub spreadsheet, and how it ticks all the boxes of what we need. We specialise in purpose-built spreadsheets for any application (not just marketing), and we’d love to see your business thrive with one.

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