BR1 NETworking

We have teamed up with 3 other local businesses to organise an informal networking opportunity for local business owners, which is usually held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month (but we will keep you informed through our social media groups and pages). We realised that so many networking groups either have no format, or too strict a format. This means that you either don’t know who else is in the room, or you don’t actually get to talk to everyone. We wanted to create an opportunity to hear what everyone in the room does, and then have the opportunity to talk to those you wish and be able to share business cards. With this on mind, we have come up with the following, very simple, format.

09:45am – Event starts, as you arrive you will be greeted by one of the organisers, and encouraged to place your business cards on the table and start chatting to others.

10:30am – We all stop networking, and each have 1 minute to tell everyone who we are and what we do. This is where you can see who does what, and discover who you would like to talk to in more detail.

After 1 mins until 11:30am – This will be time when you can chat with those people who have caught your attention, and you can collect some of the business cards on the table. We will let you know about future meetings, and you can leave when you need to.

Simple, but effective networking. We trust that this will help you to make new contacts, and strengthen the ones you already have.

What does it cost?  The networking event doesn’t cost anything, but we are hosted by a business who would appreciate your support. Please buy yourself a drink (and a nibble if you wish) before joining us for networking in their private upstairs area.

Who can attend? Anyone who wishes to network. We don’t have a membership, although we do have a Facebook group, LinkedIn group, and a Twitter account. You can join/follow us below. We will use these to let you know of future events, so make sure you keep an eye out.

Do I need to sign up? We do have a facebook group, where we will create events and invite people. We would like you to join that group if possible. This is so that if we need to change the venue or time, we can get hold of you, and it also helps us to know how many people to expect. You can also follow us on Twitter if you like, and join us on LinkedIn. You can find all of these links below.

What do I need to bring? Business cards. We will have a table available for your business cards, so people can help themselves, please come prepared to do a 1 minute talk about you and your business.


The next event is on:

Date & Time: Wednesday 11 March 2020, from 09:45 – 11:30.

Venue:  Smoque, 2-4, Ringer’s Rd, Bromley BR1 1HT (down the road at TK Maxx)

Please join our facebook group below, where you can RSVP to events and keep in touch. You can also follow us on Twitter.

See you there!


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